Introduction: On April 7, 2016, Nature published Continuous Directional Water Transport on the Peristome Surface of Nepenthes Alata, the research result produced by Beihang University’s Pro. Chen Huawei, Pro. Zhang Deyuan and Academician Jiang Lei, on its website. Born at “Beihang’s laboratory of Bionic and Micro-nano Biological Manufacturing Technology Research Center”, the discovery is an achievement inspired by nature.

Secrets of peristome surface



In 2013, Doc. Zhang Pengfei found that water on the peristome surface of nepenthes alata can flow from bottom to top automatically. Then he reported his discovery to his advisors, Prof. Zhang Deyuan.

An achievement
of interdisciplinary and teamwork

“Research paper
is not the end of the study"

This scientific research, however, does not finish with a paper. The paper is just a beginning. The team are working to apply their research achievement to “anti-sticking technology on minimally invasive surgical instruments”. Though nepenthes alata has complicated three-dimensional structure at the microscale and nanoscale on the peristome surface, which becomes the technical difficulties lying in the processing of metal materials, there is no reason to doubt about their future success.

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