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Beihang Representatives Deliver Speeches at NACADA International Conference 2018

Release time:July 31, 2018 / Li Siying

The NACADA International Conference 2018 was held successfully in University College Dublin from July 16 to July 19. More than 300 university scholars and industry representatives from over 20 countries attended the Conference. Six Beihang representatives of the Academic and Development Support Center of BUAA Department of Student Affairs were also present, and delivered three keynote speeches on their work.

Beihang representatives

The theme of the Conference this year is “Academic Success:Enhance, Encourage and Empower”. There were four seminars during the four-day meeting, along with over 100 keynote speeches.

Beihang representatives at the conference

Representatives of Beihang University delivered three keynote speeches, which were titled “Engaging Students’ Learning in a Digital World—An Exploratory Research from Beihang University of China”, “Construction and Practice of a School-College Joint Academic Advising System—A Case study of College General Education in Beihang University of China”, and “The Construction of the Learning Adaptation System—A Study on the Soft Landing of Learning from High School to College—Based on Findings from a Study of 1274 First-year Undergraduates in Beihang University of China” respectively. Their introduction of the experience of Beihang University with Chinese characteristics was spoken highly of by their foreign counterparts, opening a window for them to perceive the talents cultivation system with Chinese characteristics and the general features of academic development of Chinese students.

During the Conference, the teachers and students of Beihang University had in-depth conversations with their counterparts on hot issues such as the operation, the current challenges, and the future development of academic advising, as well as the application of big data technology in Information Age. Beihang also established partnerships with a number of foreign universities, and planned for further communication and cooperation at the invitation of the National Academic Advising Association,the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA).

Beihang representatives and NACADA staff

Founded in 1977, the NACADA is the leader within the global education community for the theory, delivery, application and advancement of academic advising to enhance student learning and development. It holds an international meeting every year, and has become a significant stage for discussion, debate, and exchange of ideas pertaining to academic advising.


Reported by Shao Yinghua

Edited by Shi Yue

Translated by Li Siying