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Enjoyable Time: Series of Activities of Beihang Summer School Held

Release time:August 1, 2018 / Zhao Yue

From July 17th to July 21st, the School of Beijing of Beihang University organized about 210 international students to participate in practical activities at the Summer Palace, the Capital Museum and Badaling Great Wall in groups in order to help them know more about Beijing and to accommodate to the study and life at Beihang.

The Summer Palace is an imperial garden in Qing Dynasty. Famous for the ingeniously combined design of architecture and landscape, it amazed the students with its pleasant scenery. They rambled through the corridor, climbed up the Longevity Hill, walked on Seventeen-Arch Bridge, and canoed across the lake, leaving behind a string of laughter. There is no high-rise in the Summer Palace. The quiet lake, the green tree, the blue sky and the scattered pavilions, delighted the students in the rainy day.

A huge traditional memorial archway of Peking characteristics stands at the hall of the Capital Museum. In the museum, the exhibits of several decades, hundreds, even thousands of years ago are still full of vigor. These pieces of precious collections, such as vivid Buddha statues, ancient jade wares and impressive scrolls, all displayed the wisdom of traditional Peking people as well as the bright Chinese culture to the international students.

As the old saying goes, “He who doesn't reach the Great Wall is not a true man.” On July 21st, all international students and volunteers went to the Great Wall by bus. The dragon-like construction stretches all the way to the horizon. The rugged grey wall demonstrated the sweat of the laboring people.

On the night of July 27th, the School of Beijing hosted the evening party with the theme of “Authentic Beijing & New Youth” to promote the cultural exchange between Chinese students and foreign students, and enhance the friendship among the students from all over the world. Foreign students from different countries staged plentiful shows, including the chorus with national characteristics, the guitar playing of beautiful melodies, and the traditional Chinese Guzheng performance. The games with Chinese characteristics, such as passing flowers while beating drums, musical chairs and making dumplings, were warmly welcomed by overseas students. The prize draw was the climax of the party. Students cheered at the gifts prepared by the School of Beijing like exquisite silk crafts, silk painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” and the creative cultural products of the Palace Museum.

This year, about 210 international students gathered at Beihang University International Summer School for the four weeks’ study. These students said that they were touched deeply by the enthusiasm of the Beihang students and the profound Chinese culture. The brief but impressive memory would be a precious part of their life, and they wish to be a bridge to enhance the friendship and cultural exchange between China and other countries.

Beihang University International Summer School aims to enhance the internationalization level of Beihang undergraduates and promote the internationalization work of Beihang. The series of activities of the summer school this year proved to be a success.

Reported by Tang Yun

Edited by Shi Yue

Translated by Zhao Yue