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President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Surrey Visits Beihang

Release time:August 6, 2018 / Lv Xingyun

On the morning of August 2nd, Professor G. Q. Max Lu, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey, and his wife visited Beihang University. Beihang President Xu Huibin, together with relevant leaders from International Division, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, the School of Physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering and the School of Chemistry, warmly received the guests.

During his talk, President Xu extended his welcome to President Lu and his wife, and briefed them on the recent development of Beihang in talent cultivation, scientific research and global cooperation. President Lu thanked for the friendly reception and elaborated on the achievements accomplished by the University of Surrey in the fields of education and scientific research in recent years. The two sides briefly reviewed the existing achievements of cooperation between the two universities, fully exchanged ideas and finally reached consensus on fostering further in-depth cooperation in the fields of microsatellites, materials, communications and computer science.

During the visit, President Lu presented an academic report entitled “Accelerating Innovation in Energy Materials” in Ruxin Conference Center. Based on the recent research in the field of materials science, he profoundly expounded the important role of materials science and technology in energy conversion, storage and utilization and the significance of industry-university-research cooperation in promoting scientific and technological innovation, under the background of global energy shortage. The report was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students attending the meeting.

President Lu and his wife also toured related laboratories of the School of Materials Science and Engineering and Beijing Air and Space Museum at Beihang University.

Founded in 1891, the University of Surrey is a prestigious research university in Britain. Its top majors include electronics, computer technology, biological science, materials, economics and management. Professor Lu has been President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey since April 2016. Previously he was Provost and Senior Vice-President at the University of Queensland, Australia. He has made seminal contributions to science and innovation in nanomaterials and their applications in clean energy and environmental technologies. He is Fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers, Royal Society of Chemistry, Australian Academy of Science, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and World Academy of Science.


Reported by Gao Yuan and Qiu Zhichao

Edited by Cun Lei

Translated by Lv Xingyun