And Me
  • Photography: Ruoxu Huang, Jiaxin Wang; Editor: Ruoxu Huang, Li Chen; Design: Zhichao Luan

  • The sky wraps us snugly and lifts us from below.(Photo taken in Beihang Aviation and Space Museum)

  • We have the sky at our backs, in our hands, and on our eyelids. (Photo taken in front of Beihang New Main Building)

  • We need not wait for a clear night nor crane our necks to examine the sky. (Photo taken in front of Beihang Library)

  • Because even the highest mountains are no nearer the sky than the deepest valleys filled with knowledge.(Photo taken in Beihang Library)

  • We look out from a window without a sill, frame, or pane, with nothing more but open wide. (Photo taken in Beihang New Main Building)

  • There we listen to the different voices winding in and out, striving, contending with fiery vehemence to excel. (Photo taken in front of Chenxing Concert Hall)

  • And the voices of thoughts, from begining to end, we found again in the heart of every friend. (Photo taken in Beihang New Main Building)

  • Finally, we wrote your name in our hearts to remind us that one day we may tread the high untrespassed sanctity of space, put out our hands and touch the face of truth. (Photo taken in Beihang New Main Building)