Lead: When students from all around the world gather on the same campus, they share with each other the fascination of intercultural communication.With the internationalization of higher education, a new gateway has been open for Beihang University to communicate with the world. Besides various international activities, the expanding education programs geared towards international students also provide great chances for these students to realize their dreams. Let's take a close look at their life at Beihang, have a taste of foreign cultures and learn about their unique perception of Beihang and China.

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Meet for the first time,
and say hi to the new world.

Having departed from their familiar surroundings and stepped onto a strange land, international students start their study here with expectations and delight.

Details of daily life
are becoming wonderful memories.

  • 1.Meeting on the welcome party, they share their happiness and make friends with each other. Gradually, they start to feel a sense of belonging.

  • 4.Though coming from different countries, they're living on the same land now. From strange to familiar, they have chances to communicate with other cultures comprehensively.

  • 2.Getting familiar with convenient apartments, setting up little warm nests and enjoying happiness brought by hobbies, satisfied in the flow of time.

  • 5.The winter in Beijing is accompanied by temperature below zero and white snow which falls suddenly. Seeing such beautiful scenery for the first time, they're amazed and excited.

  • 3.Getting in touch with the square characters, and tasting the charm of ancient poems' rhyme for the first time. Though these symbols of Chinese culture sometimes make them confused, they never get bored.

  • 6.Having more understanding of Chinese culture, becoming more accustomed to the pace of life here, they’re more positive and confident to face every day.

Pursuing dreams overseas,
hope for a better tomorrow

Auhypa is one year older than Aili. Because there are not so many Kazakh students on campus, she prefers to make friends with Korean students, which makes her Korean even better than Chinese. High school students in Kazakhstan have a much easier life. They only need to spend half of each weekday in attending courses. So in her initial days in Beihang, she was stressed out. But gradually, she got used to such rapid tempo of life. As for the future, she thinks she will go somewhere else to continue her dreams.

Aili,a Korean girl majoring in economics at Beihang University, has lived in China for 6 years. Because of her father’s work in China, she went to Xi’an when she was still in junior high school, and then admitted to Beihang University through the college entrance examination for international students. Now, she has no problem at all with classes given in Chinese. She says she wants to go to another place after graduation and pursue her new dreams.

Artemii, who comes from St. Petersburg, Russia, is studying at Beihang as an exchange student for this semester. He’s trying his best to learn Chinese, though always confused about the nuances of pronunciation and the complicated structures of characters. However, whenever he has problems, he always turns to his Chinese classmates for help and practices hard. In the mid-term examination of Chinese language, he received great grades. In the future, he hopes to work in China after graduation, for he has fell in love with China.

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