Educational Philosophy
Educational Philosophy

“To advocate virtue and pragmatism and to pursue truth and innovation” is the educational philosophy of Beihang University. Reflecting Beihang’s traditions and characteristics in education, it is the guideline for the university to operate and develop in future and the shared ideological basis for all Beihangers to build up the university.

“To advocate virtue and pragmatism” illustrates the basic principle to behave, work, study and research. “Virtue” stresses the priority to revere moral excellence and advocate good conduct, and the two constitute the foundation on which a person is cultivated and established. The essential task for institutions of higher education is talent cultivation. To accomplish it, both teachers and students should have virtue and good conduct first. Therefore, Beihang faculty and students always pursue a noble character and the perfection of personality.

“Pragmatism” is a kind of down-to-earthness to solve real-world problems without ostentation. It is embodied in both attitude and style. Particularly known for its education and research in engineering, Beihang University maintains a practical and realistic way of doing things and its members follow the good traditions of conscientiousness, cautiousness, honesty and devotion.

“Truth” refers to truths both in science and in life, and exploration of the development laws of the objective world is encouraged. Institutions of higher education are intended for advanced studies, and their education and research should be a process in which teachers and students pursue truths, seek true knowledge, forge true bonds and develop true capabilities together.

“Innovation” requires people to liberalize their thinking, dare to be pioneers, never stop innovating and keep up with times. Without the pioneering and innovative spirit, it is impossible for a person, a university, a country or a nation to make progress or develop. Understanding this, Beihang University has always been honoring science, emphasizing academic work, pursuing truths, forging ahead and innovating boldly since its foundation, and it will carry on this tradition in future.

A Century’s Voice, a statue on the theme of Beihang’s educational philosophy (Xueyuan Road Campus)

A Century’s Voice, a statue on the theme of Beihang’s educational philosophy (Shahe Campus)