International Education
International Education at Beihang University

The international education at Beihang University (also known as BUAA) has been inaugurated since the first batch of 18 international graduate students was recruited by the university in 1993, and it continues to develop with a focus on both scale expansion and quality improvement, combining characteristic development and overall improvement. Beihang focuses on leveraging the enthusiasm and creativity of schools in various majors, continuously enhancing the international education brand of “Study at Beihang University", and deepening the international education development prospects of "Study at Beihang, light the dream". Beihang has achieved breakthroughs in the number of international students, the quality of student sources, the training levels and the level of education quality, ranking among the top universities in China. In the 2021 to 2022 academic year, more than 1,200 international students are from 114 countries, covering over 60% of the countries of  “The Belt and Road". The university has formed a "multi-type, high-level, and characteristic" education program for international students, with multiple indicators ranking among the top in China, awarding the first batch of national advanced collective for international student education. Since recruiting international students, Beihang has trained more than 2,000 students across its doctoral, master, and undergraduate education programs, and has cultivated a group of outstanding alumni who understand China and are friendly with China, such as Presidential Award winners, admiral chief of staff, university presidents, and technology company founders, enhancing the international reputation of Beihang University.

International student programs at Beihang mainly include Undergraduate Program (in Chinese and in English), Master Program, Doctoral Program, various non-degree programs such as Chinese Language Training Program and Professional Training Program (including intercollegiate exchange students), and special programs such as Postgraduate Program on Space Technology Applications. Among these programs, the Undergraduate Program in Chinese offers over 30 undergraduate majors in four categories: science and engineering, economics and management, literature and law, and art, with over 60 professional directions. The Undergraduate Program in English includes five majors: electronic information engineering, mechanical engineering, aircraft design and engineering, civil engineering, and international economics and trade. The International Postgraduate Program provides full English teaching for master's and doctoral students in multiple disciplines such as science, engineering, economics, management, literature, and law, where the Master Program covers 25 first-level disciplines and 56 second-level disciplines, while the Doctoral Program covers 19 first-level disciplines and 44 second-level disciplines.

Beihang has taken the lead in providing full English-taught courses for international graduate students nationwide, with 382 courses taught in English and 7 of them approved by the Ministry of Education as “Brand Course Taught in English for International Students ". 11 English textbooks have also been officially published.

Beihang endeavors to build a world-renowned international education platform. It has been approved to establish the "APSCO Education and Training Center in China", the "Beidou International Exchange and Training Center" and the second-level discipline for Space Technology Applications. In 2014, the Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (affiliated to the United Nations) was established at Beihang University with the support of the Chinese Government. As the sixth center in the world and the only one in China, the Center aims to promote remote sensing and geographic information systems, satellite communication, global navigation satellite systems, small satellite technology, space law and policy through capacity building, information exchange, education and training. The Center has made contributions to the implementation of the "Space Applications Program" of the COPUOS, and has contributed to improving the level of education and training in space science and technology as well as the application capabilities of space technology in member countries of the Center. This program has developed from one professional direction in remote sensing and geographic information systems to six professional directions such as satellite navigation and small satellite technology. It has trained more than 200 doctoral and master's students for 27 developing countries, and has been highly recognized by the UN-OOSA, China National Space Administration (CNSA), China Satellite Navigation Office (also known as Beidou Office), and the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization. It has strongly supported China's international cooperation in aerospace and the internationalization of enterprises. The Center has also actively expanded cooperation and jointly held short-term training courses, with a total of more than 20 short-term training sessions, training over a thousand students from over 70 countries.

Beihang has set up HSK and HSKK authorized testing centers, providing various international education programs for students of different levels in Chinese language training, Chinese cultural studies and so on.

Beihang continuously innovates its talent cultivation model of international education, promotes the integration of Chinese and foreign students, and carries out credit mutual recognition projects with international students from higher education institutions in France, Sweden, Ireland, and other countries for one semester or one academic year.

Beihang has a diversified, multi-channel, influential, and well-known scholarship system for international students, including Chinese Government Scholarship, Beijing Government Foreign Students Scholarship, Beihang University Foreign Students Scholarship, and scholarships funded by enterprises. The scholarship system has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of Beihang international education.

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