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Self-Assessment of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for BDBC Begins
Release time:April 2, 2020 / Zhao Yue

On the afternoon of March 27, Beihang University held a video conference on launching the self-assessment of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Big Data and Brain Computing (BDBC), according to the requirements of Beijing Municipal Education Commission. More than 20 participants attended the conference, including Beihang Vice Presidents Tao Zhi and Zhang Guang, and representatives from the Office of Party and Government Affairs, the Department of Development and Planning, the Institute of Science and Technology, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for BDBC, etc. Fan Yubo, President of the Interdisciplinary Innovation Institute for Medicine and Engineering, presided over the conference.

Liu Xudong, Executive Deputy Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for BDBC, reported the accomplishments of the center in the past five years from such aspects as talent team construction, financial audit, scientific research and its role in promoting the economic and social development of Beijing, as well as the preparatory work for the self-assessment. Leaders of relevant departments put forward suggestions and comments on the center’s self-assessment.

Tao Zhi pointed out that the center is a special zone for scientific research and talent cultivation of the university. Fully understanding the importance of self-assessment work, all departments should strengthen organizational leadership, clarify the responsibilities and carry out the evaluation work earnestly. During the preparation stage, the achievements of the center should be fully summarized and all-round, multi-dimensional and multi-perspective evaluation should be conducted to promote the next stage of high-equality construction, constantly creating a new chapter in the development of the center.

Reported by Lin Ouya and Liu Yan

Reviewed by Wang Rongqiao

Edited by Jia Aiping and Song Chao

Translated by Zhao Yue

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