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ENAC Director Visits Beihang
Release time:January 15, 2018 / Li Mingzhu

A delegation led by Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) Director Olivier Chansou visited Beihang University on the afternoon of January 10th.

Besides Mr. Chansou, the delegation also included Kirsty Tan, an international dean of ENAC, Yohann Mainguy, ENAC’s representative in China, and Liu Qihong, President of Zhejiang Loong Airlines Co., Ltd. They were warmly received by President Xu Huibin, Vice President Huang Haijun and representatives from the International Division, the School of Economics and Management, the Sino-French Engineer School, the Flight College and the School of Transportation Science and Engineering.

One day before the visit, the two universities, at the Great Hall of the People, signed a memorandum of cooperation in founding a top international aviation university that adopts new mechanisms, which was witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron. Located in Zhejiang, this new university is expected to cultivate excellent professionals in aviation for China and the world.

Following the signing of the memorandum, the visit on January 10th began with a meeting aimed to deepen the all-round cooperation between Beihang and ENAC in talent cultivation and scientific research and to exchange ideas about the future university that will be run jointly by the two sides.

After the meeting, the delegation paid visits to the National Key Laboratory of Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems for Air Traffic Management and the Beijing Air and Space Museum.

ENAC was founded in Paris in 1949 and moved to Toulouse in 1968. Its areas of expertise include air traffic management, civil aviation management, airport management, global navigation satellite system, pilot training, etc. As Europe’s leading university in the field of aviation, it has been providing the civil aviation industry of Europe with a great number of talents.

Reported by Niu Miaozhuo

Photos by Li Jichen

Edited by Kong Xiangming and Li Mingzhu

Translated by Li Mingzhu

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