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Beihang University Held the 3rd Vision Forum for International Young Scholars
Release time:January 9, 2018 / Wang Rui

On December 25 and 26, 2017, the 3rd Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars was held in the Vision International Cultural Exchange Center. The Forum was sponsored by Beihang University and organized by the Human Resource Department, the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science, and the Institute for Economics and Business. Around 100 young scholars from world-class universities and research institutions including Harvard University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Stanford University gathered at Beihang and participated in the Forum.

Cheng Jiwei, Professor and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Beihang University Committee, Fang Jiancheng, Vice President of Beihang University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wang Yunpeng, Professor and Vice President of Beihang University attended the opening session. Attendees also included scientists and scholars with titles of honor from a variety of disciplines, and Deans and Secretaries from the Schools. The opening session was presided over by Cheng Jiwei and Guo Lei, Professor and Executive Vice Dean of the International Research Institute for Multidisciplinary Science.

In his opening speech, Vice President Fang Jiancheng expressed his gratitude and extended greetings to the young scholars who had travelled long distances. He pointed out that China has put forward in due course the overall plan for building world-class universities and first-class disciplines, which indicates the country, in a “new era”, has greater expectations for higher education institutions to carry on the mission for the elevation of morality and cultivation of personality, and to develop through innovation. A new wave of development is coming, and the contribution of talents plays an important part. Beihang University highly values the contribution of talents and makes efforts to provide them with the best opportunities. The Vision Forum is a stage for young scholars to showcase their academic achievements.

He pointed out that Beihang, aiming at world-class standards, keeping its original aspiration and forging ahead with determination to build a world-class university rooted in China, implements the Kunpeng Program for the recruitment and management of talents, being innovation-driven and enhancing the ability to serve the country’s strategic needs. Beihang has a three-level responsibility system involving the University, the Schools and the research groups in order to select, based on focused disciplines, outstanding scholars worldwide and to build a talent team with world-class competitiveness. In providing support for the development of talents, Beihang is making great efforts through coordination of resources across Departments to provide greater opportunities for talents based on improved systems and mechanisms, policies and measures, and support and services.

Vice President Wang Yunpeng awarded the ‘Certificate of Honor for Specially Invited Speakers’ to the representatives of young scholars from Beihang University, the University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Stanford University, Texas A&M University, the University of Michigan, and Max Planck Institute in expression of his appreciation for the excellence in their respective fields of research.

Vice President Wang Yunpeng introduced the history of Beihang University. He named the University’s faculty members and scholars whose accomplishments have contributed to the development of Beihang and the nation. Ever since its founding, Beihang University has been carrying the historic mission of serving the strategic needs of the country. The first students admitted to Beihang have become industry leaders and pillars of the nation. In 2017, there were seven research achievements awarded prizes at national level. Keeping the original aspiration and forging ahead, Beihang University will keep advancing the glory of 11 First Prizes of national level science and technology awards in 12 years.

He said that the philosophy of recognition, love, openness, and inclusiveness is the core of top talent team construction at Beihang. The University has put forward the Kunpeng Program, and is comprehensively deepening the human resource system reform. “We are creating our own legend of talent management, accelerating world-class talent team building and better realizing the goal of becoming a world-class university rooted in China.” Vice President Wang sincerely welcomed talented young scholars to join Beihang, where they will contribute wisdom and power to their career goals as well as the great cause of our nation.

After a coffeebreak, Vice President Fang Jiancheng gave a presentation on “Development and Prospect of Quantum Timing, Navigation and Sensing”. Representatives of Beihang University’s outstanding faculty members, Professor Yang Shubin and Professor Xu Jun cordially shared career experiences and academic accomplishments in their area of expertise.

In the afternoon, five sub-forums in Mathematics and physics, Chemistry and material science, Engineering sciences, Information science, and Economics, management and business were held. The participating young scholars had in-depth discussions on issues in frontier studies. They, from an international perspective, inspired innovative ideas and promoted academic exchanges and cooperation through presentations and discussion, broadening horizons, inspiring creativity and connecting a bridge of friendship.

During the two-day forum, the Schools actively connected with outstanding young scholars, comprehensively presented their current status and future plans for the development of talents, and discussed cooperative matters. Beihang University Human Resource Department, on the other hand, conducted a talent review meeting for the “Zhuoyue 100” talent recruitment and management program, implementing the University’s strategies for talent team construction through selection of outstanding young scholars.

Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars, planned to be held twice a year, aims at advancing the frontier of sciences and promoting scientific research across disciplines and success of young scholars. The Forum creates a suitable platform and a network of academic exchanges for outstanding young scholars worldwide on the basis of the University’s strategies of recruiting global talents of outstanding achievements to better realize the goal of building a world-class university rooted in the homeland of China.

Text by Wang Rui

Photos by Wang Yuchen

Original text in Chinese by Li Yan and Li Zhen

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