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9th Beihang-Kogakuin Academic Exchange Summer Camp Ends
Release time:September 6, 2017 / Mingzhu Li

From August 23rd to 30th, a delegation of Beihang students visited Japan for the 9th Beihang-Kogakuin Academic Exchange Summer Camp. The summer camp was intended as an international platform for scientific and cultural exchanges, aiming at facilitating mutual understanding in culture, world and globalization.

With the support and guidance of Confucius Institute Headquarters, the exchanges between Beihang University and Kogakuin University have been growing closer since the Confucius Institute of Kogakuin University was founded in 2008 under the joint effort of the two universities. Eight similar summer camps have been held from 2009 to 2016, all achieving good results and gaining praise from the participants.

The 9th summer camp consisted of two parts: Kogakuin students’ visit to China and Beihang students’ visit to Japan. Besides culture exchange, the camp also featured the exchange of scientific innovation projects. They served as a platform for the students to learn from each other in the aspects of academic ideas and technique, enhancing their innovation ability.

During their visit, Kogakuin students attended lectures of China’s aeronautic and astronautic facts and traditional Chinese culture, and also learned about Chinese and Tai chi. They visited several monuments, such as the Great Wall, the Palace Museum, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace, and enjoyed a wonderful performance of Beijing Opera.

As for Beihang students, their activities began with active exchanges of Chinese and Japanese cultures, campus life and scientific projects at the Fujiyoshida dormitory of Kogakuin University. At the welcome party, they staged an excellent artistic show performing Xinjiang dance and singing Japanese and Chinese songs. When the party ended, students from both universities hugged each other and expressed their best wishes.

The highlights happened at the Kogakuin science classroom event, which was designed to popularize scientific and technological knowledge and increase the talent reserve in engineering technology. Although they had only known each other for four days by then, Beihang and Kogakuin students already developed a friendship and successfully guided more than 100 primary and middle school students through the making and flight of rubber band powered model plane. Both the students and their parents thought highly of their work.

Beihang students also visited the Shinjuku campus of Kogakuin University and the Confucius Institute there, which displayed traditional works of Chinese painting and calligraphy as well as national instruments.

Despite his busy schedule, Prof. Mitsunobu Satou, President of Kogakuin University, met the delegation of Beihang students and gave his full recognition for the summer camp. Leaders from both universities also participated in various activities during the camp and had deep discussions about student management and services.

Reported by Xu Liu

Edited by Qing Wang and Mingzhu Li

Translated by Mingzhu Li

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