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Beihang Students Win Prizes in 12th National Mathematics Competition for College Students
Release time:May 27, 2021 / Li Xueru

Four students from Beihang University won prizes in the final of the 12th National Mathematics Competition for College Students held in Jilin University. In the Non-mathematics-major Group, Zhang Zhao, Fang Tinghe, and Xu Buxian won the first, second,and third prizes, respectively. Luo Tianci nabbed the second prize in the Mathematics-major Group.

In the preliminary stage, 1,359 students from Beihang University participated in the contest and 894 of them won prizes, including 85 in the Mathematics-major group and 809 in the Non-mathematics-major group. Beihang ranked first in the number of prize-winning students among all universities in Beijing, and was honored with Excellent Organization Award.

To consolidate students' basic knowledge and skills of mathematics, Zhang Jilong, Li Ya, Li Meisheng, Feng Weijie and Wen Xiao from the School of Mathematical Sciences conducted related training for the participants. Their thorough preparation and dedication delivered great results in the final. Zhang Jilong, Li Ya, Li Meisheng and Feng Weijie were also honored with the title of National Outstanding Instructor.

Founded in 2009 and sponsored by the Chinese Mathematical Society, the National Mathematics Competition for College Students is one of the most influential high-level discipline competitions for undergraduates in China. It is an important way for well-known universities across the country to select innovative talents in mathematics and provides a platform for students to share skills and ideas in mathematics. A total of 646 students from 207 universities participated in the final of the competition this year.

Written by Zhu Wenxi

Reviewed by Yuan Xing

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Xueru

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