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Beihang Robitics Team to Compete in ABU Robocon 2021
Release time:August 9, 2021 / Lyu Xingyun

Beihang Robotics Team won the third place and the Best Design Award in the 20th China University Robot Competition (ROBOCON 2021) held in Zoucheng, Shandong province from July 28 to 31. The event attracted more than 2,000 people from 106 teams in 79 universities across the country.

At the end of the year, Beihang Robotics Team will join hands with teams from Wuhan University and the University of Science and Technology Beijing, as representatives of China, to compete in the 2021 ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU ROBOCON).


The ABU ROBOCON, founded in 2001, is an Asian-Oceanian college robot competition. Divided into domestic and international contests, the competition is held once a year and has been held for nineteen sessions so far. China is the host country of the ABU ROBOCON in 2021. ROBOCON, as the domestic trial for ABU ROBOCON, is sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, supported by the China Youth Development Foundation, and co-organized by the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Shandong Radio and Television Station. It is one of the most challenging and influential robotics competitions for college students in China.

Before the semi-finals of ROBOCON, Beihang Robotics Team has reeled off 10 consecutive victories, setting a record for the highest consecutive wins in the competition. It has also achieved the best results since its establishment in 2001.

As of now, the team has reached the final four in both the two top domestic robotics competitions, ROBOCON and ROBOCUP, and officially entered the first echelon of China University Robotics Team, achieving a historic leap after 20 years of development.

Initiated in 2002, the Beihang Robotics Team is affiliated to the Youth League Committee of Beihang University and technically guided and supported by the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. Under the guidance of Professor Liu Rong and Associate Professor Liang Jianhong, the team has made fruitful results in numerous competitions and events.


Reported by Qi Jianli

Reviewed by Zhang Zhigang

Edited by Jia Aiping and Lyu Xingyun

Translated by Lyu Xingyun

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