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Academician Su Donglin Receives Outstanding Teacher Award
Release time:April 12, 2023 / Zhang Anqi

The 4th Award Ceremony for Master Teacher Award, Outstanding Teacher Award, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award (three major awards in teaching) was held at Chongqing University on the morning of April 9. Academician Su Donglin of Beihang University was honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award.

The expert selection committee spoke highly of Academician Su. “It is the solid work, not imagination, that brings about sci-tech innovations. Academician Su has spent over thirty years probing into the invisible and untouchable electromagnetic fields with sunburn marks testifying her dedication. She is a ‘detective for electromagnetism’, always showing up on the front line with her team to tackle any challenge. She is a ‘good teacher and helpful friend’, guiding students to explore the ‘magnetic field’ in real life. She is a 'heroine' who breaks through technical difficulties and dares to be the first. As magnetic poles mark the directions of north and south, she forges ahead without caring about gains or loss.”

Su Donglin, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been teaching undergraduates Electromagnetic Theory for more than 30 years. By integrating the Beihang spirit of "Serving the Country in the fields of Aeronautics and Astronautics" into the "Three-All Education", she condensed a unique “electromagnetic" spirit. She cultivated innovative talents to solve the "bottleneck" problems in the electromagnetic field, and encouraged them to write their papers on the front line of scientific research. Her team was honored with the title of Huang Danian-Style Teaching Team. Su was also the founder of the only electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic environment discipline in China and the national key laboratory of electromagnetic compatibility and protection, which helped achieve breakthroughs in multiple "bottleneck" key technologies.

Supported by the Ministry of Education, the three major awards in teaching were established by Chinese Foundation for Teacher Development and Chen Yidan Foundation in 2019. The awards are honored annually, with the prize money being the highest in the field of higher education. The Outstanding Teacher Award is designed to commend influential university teachers who contribute greatly to the training of capable people, develop in their students the capabilities and skills most needed in China's strategic plans, achieve global influence in teaching, and always dedicate themselves in the front line of teaching. Academician Wang Huaming of Beihang University received the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2020.

This year there was one winner of the Master Teacher Award, nine winners of the Outstanding Teacher Award, and ten winners of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. Gu Mingyuan from Beijing Normal University won the Master Teacher Award. Wang Jianliu from Peking University, Yu Xinjie from Tsinghua University, Su Donglin from Beihang University, Shen Jianzhong from China Agricultural University, Huang Zongxian from Sichuan University, Zhang Jie from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sun Shigang from Xiamen University, Li Baizhan from Chongqing University and Zhou Youhe from Lanzhou University nabbed the Outstanding Teacher Award. Ten "young makers" were awarded the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. Lyu Weifeng, vice president of Beihang University, attended the award ceremony.

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zhang Anqi

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