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Prominent Crosstalk Artist Jiang Kun Invited to Deliver Aesthetic Education Lecture
Release time:April 12, 2023 / Lu Meili

On the afternoon of April 7, Mr. Jiang Kun, a renowned crosstalk artist and Chairman of the China Quyi Artists Association delivered a lecture on Chinese Quyi to Beihang students and professors. Also in attendance were Professor Meng Zhaoyi, a famous performing artist, a Level-A actor of the China Broadcasting Performing Arts Troupe, and a main lecturer of the Aesthetic Education Course “Language and Performing Arts” at Beihang, Professor Zhu Dun, a celebrated oboe player and educator, professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, a recipient of special government subsidies from the State Council, and a “National Outstanding Teacher”, Professor Ge Qinglong, Vice President of the Chinese Telling and Singing Art Society, Chen Weiping, Vice Secretary General of the Chinese Telling and Singing Art Society, and also leaders and teachers from Tianjin Normal University, China Agricultural University and China Academy of Arts. Beihang Vice President Lyu Weifeng welcomed the guests in the VIP House of the Concert Hall, and more than 600 students and teachers listened to the lecture at the Sunrise Concert Hall.

Mr. Jiang Kun introduced the history, development characteristics, origin, and genres of Quyi, as well as the representative figures of each Quyi genre. His humorous and interesting explanation woncontinuous applause from the audience. He stressed that in order to establish cultural self-confidence and promote cultural self-improvement, the first thing is to inherit and carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture. He highlighted that Chinese Quyi, as an integral part of this traditional culture, boasts a long history, a variety of forms, and a deep foundation among the masses. It is considered a treasure of folk art born and raised in China, and a valuable spiritual wealth of Chinese people.

Afterwards, Li Chunyi, a crosstalk artist of the China Coal Mine Art Troupe, the gold medal winner of the Ma Ji Cup National Crosstalk Competition, and the instructor of the Beihang Opera Troupe, along with Dong Yihui, a graduate student of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, performed a wonderful crosstalk for the audience.

Mr. Wang Yuebo, a book reviewer of the China Coal Mine Art Troupe, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Ballad Singers Association and a representative inheritor of the Beijing Xicheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage (Beijing Book Review), performed a short but impressive book review.

The actors’ proficient skills and wonderful performances won a full house.

Professor Shen Xukun, Dean of the School of New Media Art and Design and Director of the Aesthetic Education Center of Beihang University, made a closing speech.

At the end, Mr. Jiang Kun presented an inscription “Tian Xiao Qu Yi Tuan” to Beihang Opera Troupe, while Zhuang Yan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Beihang University, presented a gift to Mr. Jiang Kun in return.

After the lecture, students and teachers eagerly came to the stage to take pictures with Mr. Jiang Kun. The event came to an end in a joyful and warm atmosphere.

Reported by Yang Zichu

Photographed by Di Bailu and Jiang Haiyang

Reviewed by Zhuang Yan

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Lu Meili

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