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Professor Lin Guiping from School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering Awarded Capital Labor Medal 2023
Release time:April 28, 2023 / Song Ziyun

Professor Lin Guiping from the School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering at Beihang University has been awarded the Capital Labor Medal by the Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. This honor is awarded to individuals and groups who embody the spirit of model workers, labor, and craftsmanship and who have made significant contributions to the economic and social development of Beijing.

Lin Guiping is a professor at the School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, a distinguished teacher in Beijing, a New Century Talents Program awardee of the Ministry of Education, and a recipient of the Beihang Excellence Award for Moral Achievement and Talent Cultivation. He is committed to innovation and serving the country, and his main research interests include aircraft anti-icing technology and integrated thermal management technology for aircraft. Professor Lin’s research is closely related to the needs of the country, and his innovative work in aircraft anti-icing and efficient heat transfer has been applied in major engineering projects such as domestic large aircraft and lunar exploration missions.

Professor Lin is dedicated to education career and pursuing excellence, and has persevered in undergraduate teaching for thirty years. He has integrated the latest research achievements and cutting-edge technologies into his teaching and developed curriculum and ideological and political education practice, fully exerting the function of educating students through courses. The course he teaches, "Thermodynamics Fundamentals," has been approved as a high-quality course in Beijing, and the online course "Virtual Simulation of Flight Environment Control" that he developed has been approved as a first-class course in China.

Professor Lin has mentored more than 100 outstanding graduate students, many of whom have won awards such as the National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Design Thesis in Beijing, and the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Beihang University.

Professor Lin has also served as Vice Dean and Party Secretary of the School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering. While indifferent to fame and wealth, he is always ready to devote himself. He has persisted in the reform of talent training, creating a new mode of cultivating top innovative talents represented by the Beihang Aero-Modeling Team. Under his leadership, the school has won honors such as the Excellent Grassroots Party Organization in Beijing, the Advanced Collective for College Students' Education in Beijing, and the National Advanced Collective for Textbook Construction.

Reported by Xia Juping and Miao Hui

Reviewed by Cheng Wenhao

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Song Ziyun

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