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Beihang Students Win 1st Prize in the 5th “BeiDou+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals
Release time:May 8, 2023 / Song Ziyun

The BeiDou Silk Road team from Beihang University won the 1st prize (university catogory) in the national finals of the 5th "BeiDou+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held on April 27th.

The BeiDou Silk Road team consists of four Master's students from the School of Electronic Information Engineering, including Li Qingcheng, Chao Wenyue, Guo Qikai, and Shan Yunfeng, with teacher Xia Ming as their advisor. Aiming to meet the strategic needs of the national comprehensive PNT system and the construction of a new generation of communication systems, the team has conducted extensive research on navigation and communication integration theories, technologies, systems, and applications represented by BeiDou and 5G, and has achieved certain results. Led by Professor Shi Chuang, director of the Key Laboratory of Satellite Navigation and Mobile Communication Integration Technology, the team has published more than 330 papers, obtained more than 40 authorized patents, and registered more than 130 software copyrights. Among them, the project “China High Precision Positioning Network and Its Major Application in the Field of Transportation” won the first prize of the State Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018, and the “BeiDou Performance Improvement and Wide-area Decimeter-level Satellite-based Augmentation Technology and Application” won the second prize of the State Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019.

Their project “BeiDou+ Wearable Device” is a consumer-grade indoor/outdoor seamless autonomous positioning and navigation system that meets the personnel positioning needs of smart factories, smart supervision, individual combat, and rescue scenarios. The team conducted research on the Pan-source intelligent fusion model, complex human motion pattern recognition, and optimal machine design to develop wearable positioning devices and build an integrated positioning navigation and monitoring platform. Under the premise of no pre-deployment and signal survey, they managed to reduce the horizontal error for a one-kilometer route to less than 2m and the vertical error to less than 0.5m.

The “BeiDou+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is guided by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and the People’s Government of Shunyi District, Beijing, supported by the Bureau of Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, and organized by the Zhongguancun Space Information Industry Technology Alliance. This year's competition focuses on innovation and application in BeiDou navigation, with navigation and location services as the main direction and also covering areas such as electronic information and intelligent manufacturing. It encourages the integration of BeiDou applications with new-generation information technologies such as 5G communication, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and satellite Internet, and highlights the application in industries such as transportation, agriculture, finance, electric power, disaster prevention and mitigation, and people’s livelihood. It also emphasizes the role of the participating projects in serving the national economy and improving people’s lives.

Reported by Hao Xuchun

Reviewed by Xu Yajun

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Song Ziyun

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