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Beihang Robot Team Wins Runner-up at RoboCup Asia-Pacific Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2023
Release time:May 24, 2023 / Yao Zipeng

On May 20, as one of the important events of the 7th World Intelligence Congress, the RoboCup Asia-Pacific Tianjin Invitational Tournament 2023 (RCAP-TJI2023) opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). The tournament was hosted by the Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the International Council of RCAP, and other organizations. This year's competition was held completely offline, with participants and experts from ten countries and regions including Portugal, Egypt, Iran, Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, China, and Hong Kong gathering in Tianjin, and more than 200 teams and nearly 800 people competing together. The competition consists of six major events and one forum, covering RoboCupSoccer Humanoid League, RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform League, RoboCupSoccer Middle Size League, RCAP CoSpace event, drone event, and the RoboCup Junior China Qualifier. Beihang Robot Team won runner-up in the RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League.

In the preparation stage, the team members worked together to compete with other teams' robots on the football field by integrating mechanical, electronic, control, computer science, and other technical knowledge and constantly iterating control algorithms. Through constant efforts such as debugging, acceptance, and further debugging, Beihang Robot Team achieved the runner-up title with outstanding technical expertise and excellent teamwork.

The Robot World Cup, organized by the RoboCup International Federation, is one of the high-level, large-scale, and influential robot competitions in the world. This competition is not only a sports event of robot football, but also an important platform for scientific and technological innovation and communication. In March 2021, Beihang Robot Team was invited to represent Beihang University for the first time in the RoboCup China Open, where they advanced to the semifinals. They also made it to the top four in the competition in 2022. The humanoid biped robot independently developed by the team members has a high degree of automation. It can perform actions such as autonomous recognition, kicking, standing up, and falling and rising. The robot has won awards including the first prize in the main track of the 2022 Beihang Fengru Cup, and the second prize in the Beijing division of the 2022 "Internet+" Competition. Beihang Robot Team will continue to work hard in the Robot World Cup, supporting and sharing technologies with the participating group of the ROBOCON (also known as the trial for the Asia Pacific Robot Competition for College Students), so as to improve their overall strength. On the basis of maintaining "the first phalanx" in China, Beihang Robot Team will continue to advance on the international stage, demonstrating the competitive strength of Beihang students and contributing to the improvement of talent training quality.

Reported by Qi Jianli and Bai Zitong

Reviewed by Zhang Zhigang

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Yao Zipeng

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