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The 33rd “Fengru Cup” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition of Beihang University Held
Release time:May 24, 2023 / Ziyun

From May 20 to 21, the 33rd “Fengru Cup” Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition of Beihang University was held on the second floor of New Main Building, Xueyuan Road campus. Beihang Party Secretary Zhao Changlu, President Wang Yunpeng, and Deputy Party Secretary Cheng Bo visited the exhibition.

During the exhibition, university leaders engaged in friendly conversations with participating students, showing a sincere interest in the progress of their innovative projects from various schools. They diligently inquired about the students’ insights and gains in innovation and entrepreneurship, and encouraged them to diligently study their professional knowledge and leverage the technological innovation resources provided by the university. They urged the students to continue their enthusiastic practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, with the goal of blossoming into successful young individuals.

The exhibition showcased a wide range of exceptional projects, including those from various tracks of the prestigious “Fengru Cup” competition, as well as outstanding projects stemming from scientific research courses and the Beihang Experimental School. It provided a various-in-form and rich-in-content display of the vibrant culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for both teachers and students. Additionally, an exciting highlight of the event was the on-site defense session for the main track production group of this year’s competition. With rigorous evaluations during the defense and commendations from scientific research courses, a total of 32 works emerged as top contenders, qualifying for the first-prize defense in the main track production group.

This year's “Fengru Cup” competition, which commenced in March and will run until the end of May, is now in full swing, spanning a duration of two months. It takes full advantage of the university's scientific research capabilities and its renowned engineer training program, effectively fostering the convergence of industry and education, as well as the integration of science and education. Notably, this year’s competition introduces an innovative “One Cup, Five Tracks” model, encompassing the main track, the Honglv track, the creative track, the industry track, and the international track. The introduction of the industry track marks an exciting addition, where tasks proposed by companies are claimed autonomously by teachers and students with required capabilities. Another noteworthy development is the inclusion of 19 exceptional projects from scientific research courses, which have been selected to participate in the first-prize defense, adding further depth and significance to the competition.

This year, a total of 891 entries were submitted for the main track, 93 entries for the Honglv track, 2,452 entries for the creative track, 37 entries for the industry track, and 36 entries for the international track, with a total of 7,791 participants. There were 1,497 project supervisors from various units, of which over 70% had senior professional and technical titles.

Reported by Wang Yukang

Reviewed by Zhuang Yan

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Song Ziyun

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