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President Wang Yunpeng Has a Symposium with Freshmen Representatives of Class of 2023
Release time:September 1, 2023 / Zhang Anqi

On the morning of August 30, Beihang President Wang Yunpeng had a cordial discussion with 13 freshmen representatives of the Class of 2023 from different schools at Wings Cafe, Shahe Campus. Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Cheng Bo also attended the symposium.

On behalf of Beihang University, Wang Yunpeng welcomed and congratulated the freshmen. In a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, students shared their study experience, feelings about growth, reasons for applying to Beihang University, first impressions of the university, and aspirations for future university life.

Yong Junxiang from the School of Energy and Power Engineering said that he likes to explore natural phenomena, and that it was the science popularization lectures held in his high school that made him get to know the aircraft power engineering major in Beihang’s Plan for Strengthening Basic Academic Disciplines and choose to apply for it. Li Yuxi from the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering expressed her hope to contribute to solving “bottleneck” problems in the field of smart medicine in China. Xie Kaizhou from Shen Yuan Honors College shared his experience of participating in simulated space missions in the International Space Settlement Design Competition. Ding Yi from Shen Yuan Honors College shared his experience of how he was influenced by Academician Cao Jianguo, a high school alumnus, and determined to apply to Beihang University. Huang Ziye from Chuanyuan College, the youngest freshman this year and who also shares the same date of birth with Beihang University, hoped that he could find something that could interest him in Beihang, nail down his dream and work hard for it.

Zhang Shumeng from Chuanyuan College introduced the process of deepening her understanding of Beihang from childhood to high school, and said that she would devote herself to scientific research and contribute to the building of a powerful nation in information technology. Wang Ziqi from Shi’e College said he was moved by the humanistic touch of Beihang, and hoped that he could realize his ideal of serving the country in the future. Lu Zuyang from Fengru College told the story of how he and his high school roommates Fan Yunran and He Qibang set a common goal of getting enrolled in Beihang and successfully made it. Xiong Bingqing from Shou’e College, who was admitted to Beihang with her twin sister Xiong Yujie, hoped to participate in as many voluntary public welfare activities as possible after fulfilling their professional study so as to help more people. Deng Hanyue from Zhizhen College introduced her plan for future study and life, hoping to continuously clarify her goals and develop comprehensively. Hu Jinrong from Zhixing College said that Beihang's rigorous style of study deeply attracted her, and she hoped to contribute to the national aviation law, international law and other fields in the future.

During the discussion, President Wang listened carefully to each student's speech and highly appreciated students' confident, positive and optimistic mental outlook. "I have been thinking about what kind of education environment Beihang should provide for its students to help them thrive in this fertile soil." He started from the dialectical relationship between university education and talent cultivation, and shared the growth experience in university with the students. He pointed out that Beihang insists on training talents for the Party and the country, with a primary focus on cultivating the correct outlook of the world, life, and values in students and guiding students to act according to socialist core values.

"Beihang always cares about the growth of all students," said President Wang, "and I will accompany everyone to grow up together." He hoped that the students would always uphold the university motto “Integrate Virtue with Brilliance and Combine Knowledge with Practice”, carry forward the Beihang spirit of “serving the country through aerospace endeavors" as the core, experience and grow in a college life full of hope, and grow into socialist builders and successors with all-round development.

Relevant Leaders from the Office of Party and Government Affairs, Publicity Department of the Party Committee, Department of Student Affairs, Department of Academic Affairs, Department of General Affairs and Student Center also attended the symposium.

Reported by Liu Kexun and Cheng Jinpeng

Photographed by Song Chao

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zhang Anqi

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