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Beihang Supercomputing Team Wins ASC24 Trophies
Release time:April 16, 2024 / Han Xu

The supercomputing team from Beihang University clinched the First Prize and the Application Innovation Award at the 2024 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC24) final on April 13. Led by Professor Yang Hailong from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the team includes Yu Guofan, Sun Yanfan, Kong Haoran, An Dakai, Wu Feiyang, Feng Tianyu, Li Xichen, Guo Runlin, Hu Jian, and Yu Enze. Professor Qian Depai, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, was invited to attend the Award Ceremony and delivered a concluding speech.

ASC24, lasting nearly six months, attracted over 300 university representative teams from around the world. After preliminary rounds, 25 teams advanced to the final held at Shanghai University, which is a record high in the competition’s history.

The teams entering the final are required to design and install small-scale supercomputing clusters within a power constraint of 3000 watts. They were tasked with optimizing internationally recognized benchmark tests such as HPL & HPCG, large-scale model inference optimization, infiltration numerical simulation, Martian atmospheric simulation, and novel material structural calculations, among other cutting-edge scientific and engineering applications, followed by an English reply. Overcoming academic pressure, the Beihang supercomputing team tirelessly optimized their solutions for several months, ultimately securing the cup.

This marks the eighth time that the Beihang has won the first prize in global supercomputing competitions. Additionally, they received the Application Innovation Award this year for their performance in novel material nontrivial electronic structure calculations.

The ASC, initiated and organized by China with support from experts and institutions in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, aims to promote the exchange and cultivation of young supercomputing talents across countries and regions, enhance the level of supercomputing applications and R&D capabilities, and harness the technological driving force of supercomputing to facilitate technological and industrial innovation. Now in its eleventh session, the ASC has attracted tens of thousands of university students from six continents, making it the largest university-level supercomputing competition in the world.

Written by: Liu Jingchao

Reviewed by: Li Jianxin

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Han Xu

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