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Professor Gui Haichao Wins Honorary Title of “Heroic Astronaut”
Release time:April 22, 2024 / Lu Meili

Shenzhou XVI crew members Major General Jing Haipeng, Colonel Zhu Yangzhu and Professor Gui Haichao have received awards from the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, China Central Television reported on Thursday.

Jing was honored with a special-class aerospace achievement medal. Zhu and Gui received third-class aerospace achievement medals and the honorary title of “Heroic Astronaut.”

The three crew members spent five months in China’s Tiangong space station from May last year in the nation’s 11th manned spaceflight and the fifth crewed mission to the space station.

Jing carried out crewed space missions four times and served as the mission commander three times. He is the Chinese astronaut who has carried out the most crewed missions for his country.

Zhu is the country’s first space flight engineer to carry out a crewed space mission and conduct extravehicular activities.

Gui is China’s first payload expert to carry out a crewed space mission.

During the mission, all students and teachers in Beihang paid great attention to the developments of Prof. Gui’s work. On January 24, 2024, Gui Haichao returned to Beihang University and had an exchange with the students and teachers, introducing his life in orbit and encouraging the students to closely link their personal growth with the development of the space industry and the country.

Beihang students and teachers will take Prof. Gui Haichao as an example, inherit and carry forward the Beihang spirit with “serving the country with aerospace endeavors” at the core, and jointly create the cultural atmosphere of a first-class university advocating both ethical integrity and academic achievements.

Reported by: Shi Yue

Reviewed by: Li Jianwei

Edited by: Jia Aiping, Lu Meili

Translated by: Lu Meili

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