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Four Students Win First Prize at 15th CMC Final
Release time:May 7, 2024 / Zhang Anqi

Recently, the final of the 15th Chinese Mathematics Competition (CMC) for College Students was held at Shandong University, in which more than 1,100 students from 32 regions across the nation competed with each other. Ten students from Beihang University have obtained prizes in this year’s final. Among them, Li Jianpeng and Yao Shuozi won the first prize in the senior category of the Mathematics Major Group, and Chen Xianglue and Zhang Zeyang won the first prize in Non-Mathematics Major Group. Beihang University was awarded the first prize of the Excellent Organization University of the 15th Chinese Mathematics Competition for College Students and the Excellent Organization Award of the 34th Mathematics Competition for College Students in Beijing.

In order to provide comprehensive guidance and guarantee for students to participate in the competition, the teaching affairs and student affairs departments of the School of Mathematical Sciences cooperated and coordinated under the support from the Department of Academic Affairs. During the preparation phase for the preliminary and the final, eight teachers from the mathematics competition guidance team carried out modular, systematic and customized two-stage special training for the students. Wen Xiao and Li Ya accompanied the students to Jinan, Shandong Province for the competition.

The CMC is China’s largest mathematics competition for college students sponsored by the Chinese Mathematical Society, with the aim of stimulating the interest of college students in learning mathematics and facilitating the cultivation of mathematics and versatile innovative talents. In the future, the School of Mathematical Sciences will continue to provide students with guidance and support for all kinds of mathematics competitions, cultivating their mathematical thinking and enhancing their ability to solve practical problems with mathematics.

Written by: Li Fei

Reviewed by: Yuan Xing

Edited by: Jia Aiping

Translated by: Zhang Anqi

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