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Social Quantum Physics, Virtual Tribes and Measuring Human Emotions
Release time:July 4, 2018

Topic:Social Quantum Physics, Virtual Tribes and Measuring Human Emotions

Speaker:Prof. Peter A. Gloor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Date:July 6, at 9:00-10:30 AM

Venue:A622, New Main Building


Recent developments in artificial intelligence and the proliferation of the Internet of Things make it possible to harness the intelligence and creativity of huge numbers of people, connected in many different ways and on a much larger scale than has ever been possible before. Global but highly targeted and focused online social networks open up unprecedented opportunities to read and predict the collective mind, discovering emergent trends while they are still being hatched by small groups of creative individuals.

This talk introduces a framework and a set of tools and techniques to measure and track collective consciousness both within organizations, and globally on the Internet using social media analysis. It builds on the concept of swarm creativity and Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs), which are self-organizing teams of intrinsically motivated innovators, collaborating over the Internet to create new things. It extends the core principles of quantum physics, “entanglement”, and the “Heisenberg principle”, to complex human systems. Measuring entangled groups of people – ranging from small teams to global virtual tribes – and mirroring back their aggregated activity patterns will trigger change in human behavior, just like in quantum physics. In our own work we are using online social media, organizational communication archives such as e-mail and chat, and body signals measured through sensors in smartwatches to read the emotions of large groups of people to predict their future actions. Real-world examples of our approach include measuring happiness and creativity with body sensors, measuring business success and employee satisfaction through e-mail, and predicting the outcome of elections and economical trends in online social media.

Biography of the Speaker:

Peter A. Gloor is a Research Scientist at the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT's Sloan School of Management where he leads a project exploring Collaborative Innovation Networks. He is also Founder and Chief Creative Officer of software company Galaxyadvisors, the Honorary Professor at University of Cologne, Distinguished Visiting Professor at P. Universidad Católica de Chile and Honorary Professor at Jilin University, Changchun, China. Earlier he was a partner with Deloitte and PwC, and a manager at UBS. He got his Ph.D in computer science from the University of Zurich and was a Post-Doc at the MIT Lab for Computer Science. His two new books Swarm Leadership and Sociometrics have been published in 2017 at Emerald Publishing.


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