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Solar Cell Technologies Based on Polymers, Dyes, Quantum Dots and Perovskites
Release time:October 21, 2019

Topic: Solar Cell Technologies Based on Polymers, Dyes, Quantum Dots and Perovskites

Speaker: Prof. Erik Johansson

Time: 8:30 am, October 23

Nenue: Room 205, No.4 Teaching Building, Xueyuanlu Campus


Silicon based solar cells dominate the solar cell industry today. However, several new solar cell technologies based on polymers, dyes, quantum dots and perovskites are developing fast, and may play an important role in future photovoltaics. In the lecture these new solar cell technologies will be described. The working principles, the advantages and limitations will be discussed and compared for these different technologies and also compared to the silicon solar cells.

Biography of the Speaker:

Erik Johansson received his Ph.D degree in Physics at Uppsala University in 2006. After postdoctoral work at Lund University he was assistant professor in Physical Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is currently professor in Physical Chemistry at Uppsala University. His research field is nanostructured solar cells including perovskite, quantum dot and dye-sensitized solar cells. His research is spanning from understanding the fundamental processes and the atomic scale structure in these solar cells to the function of the full devices. From web of science, he has published 120 scientific papers on Journal of the American Chemical Society, Energy & Environmental Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, and Advanced Functional Materials et al. that have received over 6,000 citations (with an h-index of 45).

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