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Transfers in Non-cooperative Games
Release time:December 9, 2019

Topic: Transfers in Non-cooperative Games

Speaker: Prof. Pradeep Dubey, Stony Brook University

Time: Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 4:00-5:30 pm

Location: A622, New Main Building, Xueyuan Road Campus


Consider players at a Nash Equilibrium (NE) of a non-cooperative game of money, which serves as their “status quo” in that game. We examine the possibility that they might innovate monetary transfers amongst themselves, thereby changing the game. In the domain of transfers which — in conjunction with concomitant NE of the changed game — are both “transparent” and “budget-balanced”, our focus is on those where all players are made better off compared to the status quo. By way of key examples, we analyse the Prisoners’ Dilemma, the Centipede Game, Contests, and Crime and Punishment (in a population equilibrium).


Prof. Dubey is a fellow of The Econometric Society. He is currently the leading professor of department of economics, Stony Brook University, and also the co-director of the Stony Brook Game Theory Center. The Stony Brook Game Theory Center is one of the most important centers all over the world for studying game theory. Prof. Dubey’s main research interests are game theory and mathematical economics. He has published dozens of influential papers in leading economic journals, including Econometrica, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Mathematics of Operations Research, and Games and Economic Behavior etc. Prof. Dubey is also a council member of Game Theory Society.

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