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High Quality 2D Layered Materials: Growth of Single Crystal and Epitaxial Thin Film
Release time:July 19, 2019

Topic: High Quality 2D Layered Materials: Growth of Single Crystal and Epitaxial Thin Film

Speaker: Sunglae Cho,University of Ulsan

Time: 15:00-16:30 PM, July 21

Venue: Room 513, Main Building, Xueyuanlu Campus (Acedemic Exchange Hall of School of Physics)


In this talk, the preparation of high-quality single crystal and thin film of 2 dimensional materials (2D) including SnSe, SnSe2, InSe, In2Se3, and (BSb)2(SeTe)3, etc, will be discussed. The bulk single crystals and epitaxial thin film and superlattices were grown by temperature gradient method and MBE (molecular beam epitaxy), respectively. The detection and controlling of defects in SnSe will be explained in detail using STM data. Also, the current our lab activities on misfit layer compounds (MLCs) and Ferecrystals will be introduced. Ferecrystals are a special class of misfit layer compounds described by the general formula [(MX)1+x]m[TX2]n, where X = Se or Te, M = Sn, Bi, Pb, or a rare earth preparation metal, and T = Ta, W, Nb, V, Mo and Ti. At last I would like to share my experiences on lab facilities instrumentation about MBE components, furnace, diamond saw, etc.

Biography of the Speaker:


• 1997 Ph. D. in Physics, Northwestern University, USA

• 1989 M. S. in Physics, Pusan National University, Korea

• 1987 B.S. in Physics, Pusan National University, Korea


• 2019. 1–Present   Editor-in-Chief,“Saemulli: New Physics”, Korean Physical Society

• 2018. 3–Present   Physics Department Chair, Univ of Ulsan

• 2000. 3–Present   Professor, Department of Physics, Univ of Ulsan

• 2010.4–Present   CEO & Founder, Effucell Inc (

• 2011. 12–2013. 11   Vice-Director, Univ-Industry Cooperation, Univ of Ulsan

• 2011. 1–2012. 12   General Secretary, Korean Magnetics Society

• 1998. 1–2000. 2   Post-doc, Northwestern Univ.


• Thermoelectric materials: Single crystal & thin film

• Magnetic thin film and artificial layers

• Oxide thin film

School of Physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering