Humanities and Social Sciences
Research Base of Language Strategy and Policy
Release time:November 30, 2017

The Research Base of Language Strategy and Policy was founded in April 2016. It closely follows the needs of national strategy and the development of Beijing, the capital of China. With its focus on interdisciplinarity and technological application, the base is targeted at the language use on such non-traditional security issues as political security, cultural security, public opinion security, educational security, as well as language information processing. 

The base has established cooperative relationships with many world-class universities and colleges home and abroad—like the University of Birmingham and the City University of Hong Kong—on research into computational linguistics, corpus linguistics, etc. It has built a multidisciplinary research team of 41 researchers from inside and outside of the university, among whom 90% have senior professional titles. The base covers a variety of research topics including linguistics, computer science, management, education, sociology, international relations, public opinion monitoring and management, etc.

The chief expert of the base is Professor Fang Jiancheng, Executive Vice President of Beihang University and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Xiang Mingyou, former Dean of the School of Foreign Languages and a member of the subject consultative group of the State Council, is the head of this base.