National Laboratories
National Engineering Research Center of Satellite Navigation Applications
Release time:November 30, 2017

1. Laboratory Introduction

The National Engineering Research Center of Satellite Navigation Application is China’s technology and development platform of the basic products of satellite navigation. It plays a vital role in the innovation of core technologies, the transformation of scientific research achievements, the setting of related standards and norms, as well as the development of all-round strength of the industry of satellite navigation.

2. Construction Goals

The center seeks the integration of production, education and research. In accordance with China’s mid- and long-term plan for science and technology, this center has set major goals, including strengthening industrial application research, deepening research in core fields, condensing major innovation goals, making breakthroughs in key projects, intensifying team building and expanding the scale of personnel training.

3. Research Direction

With a focus on major projects, this center carries out its innovation programs mainly on the subjects of satellite navigation, integrated circuit design, traffic control and information engineering. Integrating the basic research results in guidance, navigation and control, communication and information system, aeronautical and astronautical technologies, etc., it has carried out in-depth researches in the following directions:

(1)Integrated circuit design with high reliability, high testability and low power consumption;

(2)High performance integrated navigation;

(3)Advanced precision aviation navigation.

4. Laboratory Director

The laboratory is now under the charge of Zhang Xiaolin, a winner of the National Prestigious Teaching Award. He also won the title of “Expert with Outstanding Contributions from the Ministry of Aerospace Industry” and “511 Professional Talent from Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense”. Zhang is also the director of Academic Committee of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, professor of information and Communication Engineering first-level discipline as well as doctoral supervisor.