National Laboratories
State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment
Release time:November 30, 2017

1. Laboratory Introduction

State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment is an open-ended scientific research base of China, focusing on fundamental research, applied fundamental research and cutting-edge high-techs on software theory, technology and development environment of computer and advanced network. It has been serving as a base for training innovative high-level personnel.

2. Construction Goals

This laboratory always centers on the nation's strategic goals and the forefront of information science, striving for national key projects, conducting original basic research and making innovative technological breakthroughs, and has become a pioneer in the theories and methods of software development and the research of group software engineering. Serving as an innovation base for international first-class mass information system and network computing, the laboratory aims to become one of the massive data analysis and processing centers for international collaborative research of modern physics. As the main battlefield of major national projects and national economic construction, this laboratory supports the development and service of the national infrastructure platform of science and technology and helps build up the promotion center for the research and development of the technology of Internet of Things in China, vigorously cultivating high-level leading talents in networked software.

3. Research Directions

This laboratory is always in accordance with national strategic needs and keeps an eye on the forefront of international software development. Considering China’s strategic needs in the development of software and relevant international research trends, this center has made innovations in various aspects, including basic theory and methodology of software, physical characteristics of massive network information, model and management system of massive unstructured data, supporting technology and system of Internet of Things, and development and operation environment as well as multimedia collaborative network environment for service-oriented software.

4. Laboratory Director
The director of this laboratory is Prof. Ma Dianfu, a doctoral supervisor whose major research directions include service-oriented software and safety-critical embedded software, etc.