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State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems
Release time:November 30, 2017

Real-time video acquisition modeling environment

Comprehensive demonstration environment

1. Laboratory Introduction

The construction of State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems was permitted in 2007, and the center passed the laboratory evaluation in 2012. The laboratory is supported by four first-level disciplines in Beihang, namely computer science and engineering, control science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and medical engineering. It has carried out basic researches, applied basic researches and strategic high-tech researches in the field of virtual reality, realizing original innovation and integrated innovation.

2. Construction Goals

Focusing on the major application needs of China's economic construction, social development, scientific and technological progress and national security, this laboratory aims to systematically study the theories and methods of virtual reality, make original innovations and key breakthroughs, develop virtual reality foundation and application support systems, provide successful application examples, and train and condense high-level innovative talents. By conducting major research projects, the cross-integration of laboratory disciplines were realized, and new discipline growing points and advantageous directions were also formed. The center always keeps an eye on the frontier of disciplines and the world's advanced level, and has carried out extensive international exchanges and cooperation. By constructing a national research base of virtual reality technology and system with international influence, this lab has made major contributions to enhancing China's innovation ability and international competitiveness in virtual reality and related fields.

3. Research Directions

The main research directions of the laboratory are as follows:

(1) Modeling theory and methods of virtual reality;

(2) Mechanism of augmented reality and human-computer interaction;

(3) Methods and technologies of distributed virtual reality;

(4) Platform tools and systems of virtual reality.

4. Laboratory Director

The present director of the laboratory is Prof. Zhao Qinping, who is also the president of China Simulation Federation.