National Laboratories
National Engineering Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Release time:November 30, 2017

National Engineering Laboratory of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) aims to the development of highly-immersive, multi-sensory, and multi-model interaction AR/VR content development platforms, as well as the system and equipment of VR/AR. The laboratory carries out innovative researches in various aspects, including perception and understanding, modeling and drawing, presentation and interaction, distribution and collaboration, etc. By making breakthroughs in key technologies and engineering methods such as multi-mode sensing, data modeling, image processing, tactile feedback, new display, efficient distribution as well as evaluation and testing, this lab aims to improve the competitive edge of the whole industrial chain of China's AR/VR.

The lab strives to become an open highland for innovative research and development of AR/VR nationwide. It is also determined to become an engineering pilot base for systems and equipment, a test field for demonstrating the applications of technological achievements, an incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship of “internet plus”, and a booster for upgrading economy and society to intelligence.

Faced with the informatization of society and the needs of a new round of industrial transformation, AR/VR technologies have brought about a new mode for information presentation. Based on these technologies, this national laboratory further solves the bottleneck that restricts its industrialization application and has promoted the joint development of production, education and research. Besides, it has also enhanced the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship in AR/VR, and has carried forward its applications in terms of industries, military affairs, education, medical care, service industries and other fields, so as to improve the intelligent level of China’s economic and social development comprehensively.