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20th Beihang Postgraduate Singing Competition Final Held
Release time:November 30, 2020 / Xiong Ting

On the evening of Nov. 22, the final round of the 20th Beihang Postgraduate Singing Competition was held at Sunrise Concert Hall. The competition was also live streamed via Bilibili, a popular video sharing website. More than 400 audiences watched the competition at the concert hall while nearly 6,000 people enjoyed this music feast on the Bilibili live-streaming site. Five professional judges, 20 student judges and 50 audience judges were invited to score the competitors.

At the very beginning, the eight finalists warmed up the audience by singing a song together

In the first round of the final competition, eight finalists were randomly divided into four groups to fight for the qualification of the second round. In this round, Cui Jieming, Li Mingkai, Zhou Chengjia and Ai Li stood out and successfully entered the next round. Then Pan Ke survived in a repechage and became the top five finalists.

The competition got fiercer in the second round in which the five finalists strove for the top two places. Cui Jieming and Ai Li, who performed “Time machine” and “Yi Yan Nan Jin (It’s beyond explanation)”, respectively, got the highest scores and entered the final round for the championship.

Zhou Huixin sang the song “Knight”

Cui Jieming (the second from the left) and Pan Ke (the third from the left) were waiting for the voting result

In the final round, the two competitors did not spare themselves and heartily performed themselves. After the fierce 3-hour competition, Ai Li, a post-graduate student from the School of Transportation Science and Engineering won the first prize, and Cui Haoming from the same school won the second prize.

Ai Li sang at the stage

Besides the brilliant performances given by the eight finalists, other guests including the past winners of the competition or dancers from Beihang’s hip-hop club also staged impressive performances for audiences. Wang Tianyang, the winner of the 17th Beihang Postgraduate Singing Competition and a member of Xie Tingfeng’s vocal group in “2020 The Voice of China” sang a song called “The Sky is Dark” and shared his story of singing.

Wang Tianyang sang the song “The Sky is Dark”

The group photo of the eight finalists

Reported by Liu Yijin

Photographed by Han Zhenghuan and Yang Chenghong

Reviewed by Song Xiaodong

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Xiong Ting

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