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Beihang Teams Win 2 First Prizes in 6th FFVC
Release time:November 26, 2020 / Zheng Quan

Teams from Beihang University nabbed two first prizes, three second prizes, six third prizes and three object demonstration prizes in the 6th China Graduate Future Flight Vehicle Innovation Competition (FFVC) held at Central South University from Nov. 20 to 22. Beihang University won the Excellent Organization Award.

Under the theme “Intelligent Aerospace, Leading the Future”, the 6th FFVC aims to improve the research innovation ability and engineering practice ability of graduate students in the field of aerospace, and to cultivate innovative, interdisciplinary and high-quality talents for the industry. The competition attracted 513 teams from 127 graduate cultivation institutions, with a total of 2,752 participants and 400 entries.

A total of 10 groups attended the final. After a fierce competition, two entries from the School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering, named “‘Fu Yi’ adsorption type micro-fixed-wing UAV capable of taking off and landing freely” and “Airclimb flying robot”, gained recognition of the judges with their innovative design and the outstanding defense performance of their creators, winning the first prizes. Three works from the School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering of Beihang University won the second prize. In addition, six other teams won the third prize in the competition.

Beihang University has attached great importance to the competition since its initiation in early March this year, and actively organized students to participate in it. In mid-April, the on-campus warm-up competition, hosted by the Graduate School and organized by the School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering, was conducted in the form of summary evaluation and online defense, drawing a strong response among students. A total of 22 teams from various schools signed up to participate in this competition. After the warm-up match, 22 teams of Beihang University completed the preliminary contest registration and submission, and finally a total of 12 participating teams stood out and entered the national final.

Reported by Qiao Liang

Reviewed by Lin Guiping

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Zheng Quan

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