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Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation between Beihang and Huawei Held
Release time:October 16, 2020 / Wen Peiyu

On October 10, a delegation led by Xu Wenwei, Director of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei”) and Dean of Huawei Institute of Strategic Studies, visited Beihang University, during which a strategic cooperation agreement between Beihang and Huawei was signed, promoting the cooperation between the two sides to a new level. The signing ceremony was hosted by Zhao Gang, Deputy Party Secretary of Beihang University. The technical exchange symposium was held at the same time.

Cao Shumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University, extended a warm welcome to Xu Wenwei and his delegation on behalf of the university. She said that in recent years, Beihang University has always served the major strategic needs of the country, and established the discipline construction policies featuring “top engineering, first-class science, excellent liberal arts, and superior medical workers”. Such policies have supported the strategy of strengthening the country by developing Aeronautics and Space industry, and have led the reforms of information technology. As Cao has pointed out, Huawei always attaches great importance to the development of higher education. With a long-term layout in strategic planning and international cooperation, the company has played a leading role in cutting-edge research and university-enterprise cooperation.

Cao also noted that the close cooperation between Beihang and Huawei has laid a solid foundation for this strategic cooperation agreement. It is hoped that both parties will take this signing as an opportunity to focus on major national fields and directions, carry out efficient and in-depth cooperation in interdisciplinary and scientific frontier fields, create a new situation of personnel training and university-enterprise cooperation, solve a number of key technical problems such as information technology, and make joint contributions to build a country advanced in science and technology.

Tao Zhi, Vice President of Beihang University, introduced the career development of Beihang University in recent years from its history, discipline layout, personnel training and scientific research.

In his address, Xu Wenwei said he was pleased to sign such a strategic cooperation agreement with Beihang. He noted that with a significant advantage in the field of aerospace and information disciplines, Beihang focuses on teamwork and pursues excellence. Sharing a similar cultural foundation, Huawei and Beihang have always had a good foundation for cooperation in the field of scientific research. It is hoped that Huawei could further establish a close and in-depth strategic cooperative relationship with Beihang. The two sides will promote cooperation in software engineering, reliability technology, systems engineering and other cutting-edge technology fields.

According to Xu, everyone should be self-reliant and strive for the best, make greater breakthroughs in basic scientific research and interdisciplinary research, and work together to create scientific and technological achievements that not only truly represent China but also can be placed among the world’s top.

Subsequently, Tao Zhi, Vice President of Beihang University, and Ai Chao, Vice President of Global Technical Cooperation of Huawei, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides. The ceremony was witnessed by Xu Wenwei, Director of Huawei, Chang Sheng, Dean of Huawei Beijing Research Institute, Yin Jianchun and Xu Linlin, Ministers of Huawei Beijing Research Institute, Cao Shumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University, Zhao Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University, Academician Zheng Zhiming, and Assistant President Wang Rongqiao.

In the afternoon, a technical exchange symposium between Beihang and Huawei was also held, during which the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on further the cooperation in science and technology. The symposium was hosted by Wang Rongqiao.

At the symposium, the two sides shared the latest research fruits in the future technical cooperation, integrated circuits, radio frequency, intelligent computing and other frontier fields, and also exchanged ideas on cooperation fields of mutual interest as well as frontier science and technology hotspots. Relevant officials and experts attended the symposium.

During their visit, Xu Wenwei and his delegation also toured Beijing Air and Space Museum at Beihang University, State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and System, Microwave Engineering Laboratory, Micro-Nano Electronics Center and other related key laboratories.

Founded in 1987, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is the world's leading provider of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure and smart terminals. It is committed to bringing the digital world to every person, every family, and every organization, and building an intelligent world of interconnected things. Huawei adheres to open technological innovation, attaches importance to ICT talent training, and builds a solid foundation for the accelerated development of the digital and intelligent world. Currently, with 194,000 employees, Huawei operates in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than 3 billion people.

Reported by Wang Qing

Photographed by Di Bailu and Liu Yaoze

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Wen Peiyu

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