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Beihang Wins Highest Honor in 2020 Capital Challenge Cup
Release time:September 21, 2020 / Feng Yueyue

The 2020 Capital Challenge Cup came to an end on September 13. Its highest honor, the Capital Challenge Cup, went to Beihang University who won eight gold prizes, six silver prizes and one bronze prize. It has been the third time that Beihang won the highest honor since the 2019 Capital Challenge Cup and the 16th Challenge Cup Contest.

The contest was hosted by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Youth Federation and other organizations. It aims to guide and inspire the capital university students to keep in line with the trend of times and enhance the understanding of the national reality through extensive social practice and observation to arouse students’ entrepreneurial enthusiasm and improve their innovation and creativity abilities.

There have been over 800 entries from over 80 capital universities since the contest kicked off in July, involving scientific innovation and future industries, rural revitalization and poverty alleviation, urban governance and social service, environmental protection and sustainable development and cultural creativity and regional cooperation. After four months’ fierce competition, there were 64 winners of the gold prize, 176 winners of the silver prize and 240 winners of the bronze prize.

In the competition, 15 entries from Beihang University all obtained good rankings.

Reported by Liu Yang

Reviewed by Zhuang Yan

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Feng Yueyue

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