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2020 Beihang University Undergraduate Graduation Party Held Online
Release time:July 2, 2020 /

The 2020 Beihang University Graduation Party for undergraduates was held on the evening of June 27 and broadcasted live on five livestreaming platforms including Yangshipin, Bilibili, Sina Weibo, Tik Tok and Kuaishou. University leaders including Beihang Party Committee Secretary Cao Shumin, President Xu Huibin, Vice Presidents Tao Zhi, Liu Shuchun and Huang Haijun, Deputy Party Secretaries Zhao Gang and Cheng Bo, and heads of various schools attended the event and watched the party together with all graduates of 2020.

At the beginning of the party, a “Dream”-themed opening video, in the way of flashback, brought students to their class reunion 10 years later, and showcased their growth from the moment when they entered Beihang with initial dreams to their final self-actualization after going through the ups and downs. The humorous and interesting video struck a chord among students.

With the theme of “Beihang Dream”, the party featured four chapters: Youth Time, Everlasting Love, Epidemic-fighting Memories and Blooming Worldwide. Various performances in forms of song, cross-talk, recitation, dance, etc., pieced together students’  memories of their college life and showed their confidence and courage to face the challenges in the future.

In the first chapter, three original shows by Beihang students including a spectacular musical Beihang Disco, a creative cross-talk Really not Easy for Me and a medley Desires for Beihang, triggered students’ memory of enthusiasm and passion in youth.

In the second part, students’ four-year precious college experiences gradually unfolded in the performance Beihang Tree Hole Named Exclusive Memory, taking them back to the memories of bringing food for their roommates and grabbing seats for morning lessons.

A unique class given by Li Chaorong, Li Hongyi and Gao Ning, three well-known teachers of Beihang University, brought graduates from all corners of the country back to the classroom , through which they conveyed their best wishes for the graduates.

Following that, Wings Of My Words sang by students who won Top Ten Student Singers Singing Competition of Beihang University and Don’t  Say  Goodbye  jointly performed by all counselors brought the atmosphere to a climax.

With the description of Beihangers’ stories in fighting against COVID-19, the party entered the third chapter. During the live broadcast, representatives of teachers, students and alumni who are on the frontline of fighting against the virus, shared their stories and feelings with the students.

When it comes to the session Confession to Beihang, graduates from each school told their exclusive memories of their life at Beihang in their own unique ways and expressed their cordial love for their alma mater. The chorus Permanent Love Never Change, recorded online by members of Beihang Chorus, conveyed profound regards for those who are in the frontline of combating the novel Coronavirus.

In the fourth chapter, Beihang graduates across the country and around the world were interviewed live, during which they expressed their deep attachment to their alma mater and their reflections on the “cloud” graduation party.

Ode to the Red Flag, jointly performed by Beihang Dance Troup and Symphony Orchestra, showed students’ patriotism and their determination to devote themselves to the cause of aerospace.

The party drew to a close with all graduates singing the anthem Look up to the Starry Sky. Carrying the best blessings from their alma mater, all graduates will embark on a new journey of their life and forge ahead bravely.

Reported by Zheng Jian and Hu Xuyang

Photographed by Di Bailu

Reviewed by Zhi Yuanyuan

Translated by Ma Yaping and Lyu Xingyun

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