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Beihang Sends Over 3,000 Academic Dresses and Care Packages to Class of 2020 Graduates
Release time:June 29, 2020 / Lyu Xingyun

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 graduation ceremony will take place online on June 29. To give students a memorable graduation ceremony at home, Beihang University has sent 3,681 sets of academic dress to graduates of the class of 2020 and invited them to attend the “cloud” graduation ceremony.

Customized graduation gifts, such as exclusive luggage tags, exquisite bookmarks and customized mugs with school logo, were also delivered to the graduates by post. In those special care packages, there was a even more special kind of gifts: 4,000 hand-made paper-cuts carrying the best wishes from local villagers in Zhongyang County of Lyuliang, a county that Beihang has endeavored to support to help it meet the poverty alleviation target.

A Letter to All Graduates of the Class of 2020 was also included in the care package, in which all graduates received the warmest congratulations from their Alma Mater and were offered the opportunity to return to the university to participate in any future degree conferring ceremony.

“I cannot wait to open the gift as soon as I received the package. I was so moved by the red paper-cut and the gown. Although we have to attend the graduation ceremony online because of the outbreak of COVID-19, my love for the university will never change. I will always be proud of my Alma Mater,” said Xia Shouyue, an undergraduate from the School of Materials Science and Engineering.

Reported by Wang Qing and Di Bailu

Photographed by Song Chao

Reviewed by Li Jianwei

Edited by Jia Aiping and Lyu Xingyun

Translated by Lyu Xingyun

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