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1-Year Countdown Starts for Flight of Fengru-3-100
Release time:May 25, 2020 / Li Mingzhu

The 1-year countdown meeting for the flight of Fengru-3-100 and donation ceremony of Fengru-3-70 together with its world record certificate was held by Fengru College of Beihang School and the School of Beijing at Ruxin Conference Center on the afternoon of May 20.

Chaired by Li Junliang, Executive Dean of Fengru College, the meeting was attended by Zhao Gang, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, relevant staff members from the Organization Department and the Publicity Department of the Party Committee, the Department of Student Affairs, the Department of Academic Affairs, the Institute of Science and Technology, Youth League Committee, the School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Unmanned System Institute, Beihang School, the School of Beijing and Beijing Air and Space Museum. Besides them, over 50 other participants, including tutor representatives from partner enterprises and the project’s first and second batch of student members, were also present online.

Cao Qinghua, Director of the Department of Academic Affairs and Managing Vice Dean of Beihang School, recognized the Fengru-3 Project’s innovative talent cultivation model based on cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation as a success in his address. He also encouraged the students to inherit and pass on Beihangers’ spirit of serving the motherland through efforts made in the field of aerospace and to upgrade their scientific and technological innovation skills, expecting greater achievements from them.

Guo Weifeng, leader of the project, reported the preparations and follow-up work plan of the record-breaking flight of Fengru-3-100, which was intended as a gift to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China.

Speeches were also delivered by Zhang Yiquan, Zhou Yue, representatives of the first batch of student members, Li Jianhua, representative of enterprise tutors and General Manager of Zhengzhou Lanqi Aviation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhang Xiuhui and Li Peishan, representatives of the second batch of student members, showing their infinite vision of the future and the determination to meet the project goal.

Fu Ning and Zhou Yinuo, representatives of the project team and students of the School of Beijing, donated Fengru-3-70, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) model that set a Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) world record in flight duration for oil-powered fixed-wing UAVs whose maximum take-off weight (MTOW) is among 25-100kg, as well as the original world record certificate to Beijing Air and Space Museum. On behalf of the museum, Han Guojun, its Managing Vice Curator, accepted the donations.

In a summary speech, Zhao Gang expressed his thanks to the teachers and students of the project team and reviewed how Beihang cultivated generations of outstanding talents in the field of aerospace since its founding. According to him, the competition between powers is essentially about talents, especially innovative talents. For Beihang Univeristy, the Fengru-3 Project is important for its exploration of an innovative talent cultivation model, because the project provides a rare opportunity for students to combine knowledge with practice and train themselves comprehensively.

Zhao Gang also talked about his ardent expectations for the project members from five aspects. Firstly, be good at learning, think independently and develop systematic thinking. Secondly, be brave to explore and imagine and go beyond the tradition. Thirdly, plan carefully and implement the plan strictly. Fourthly, pay attention to details and constantly strive for perfection. Fifthly, boost team spirit and work together in this project to develop innovation capabilities, build willpower and aim to serve the motherland through efforts made in the field of aerospace.

Reported by Zhang Yunzhe

Photographed by Song Chao

Reviewed by Li Junliang

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Li Mingzhu

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