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Beihang Teacher Participates in Compilation of Guidance for the Public on Protective Measures Against Coronavirus Disease
Release time:April 13, 2020 / Ren Chenjie

Given the current global spread of COVID-19, China has made vigorous efforts to share its experience in fighting the epidemic and provide various materials and assistance to other countries.

On April 3, Wang Yue, a teacher from the Department of Russian Studies of the School of Foreign Languages, received an emergent task of translating the Guidance for the Public on Protective Measures Against Coronavirus Disease into Russian from the China Intercontinental Press which is affiliated with the State Council Information Office. This manual aims to provide the publich with the accurate, authoritative and professional knowledge on protective measures against COVID-19, so as to aviod public panic and improve their self protection strategy.

Despite the heavy teaching tasks this term, Wang Yue still accepted this assignment unhesitatingly, considering its significance for global prevention and control of COVID-19. She worked around the clock and finished the compilation of the Russian edition in two days.

The Russian version compiled by Wang Yue has been widely promoted in many Russian-speaking countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and has been reported by various mainstream media.

Wang Yue, as an excellent young teacher of the School of Foreign Languages, has published 25 translations and one monograph. She presided over one National Natural Science Foundation project and participated in seven. She was once awarded the first prize of the 30th Han Suyin International Translation Competition and was invited to participate in live programs of mainstream media and major international conferences as a simultaneous interpreter.

Reported by Liu Wei

Reviewed by Ma Shuwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Ren Chenjie

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