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【People’s Daily Online】China's Space Achievements Draw Global Attention
Release time:February 20, 2020 / People's Daily Online

Source: People’s Daily Online, February 20, 2020

Researchers collect vegetables inside the Yuegong-1, or Lunar Palace 1. (Photo provided by Beihang University)

A total of nearly 100,000 overseas social media users show interests in China’s recent space achievements, according to an online quiz co-conducted by Global Media Services Center of People’s Daily Online and Beihang University.

The quiz, consisting of three multiple choice questions about China’s recent space achievements, was posted on Beihang Twitter account on December 25, 2019.

The first question was about Yuegong-1, or Lunar Palace 1, a simulated space lab in which Chinese volunteers tested living conditions in the lunar environment, setting a record of 370 days for the longest stay in a self-contained cabin. Background data indicated that the quiz reached out to 31,415 Beihang Twitter account users.

Feng Ru 3 (Photo provided by Beihang University)

The second question, also the one that most people gave an attempt at answering, was “A Beihang alumnus, chief designer of China’s Shenzhou spacecraft and leading technician of China’s first satellite, was recently inducted into the International Astronautical Federation Hall of Fame. What is his/her name?” 43.8% of quiz takers chose the right answer: Qi Faren.

Qi, a well-known space technology expert, was awarded the honor for his substantial contributions to the progress of space science and technology to mankind.

26.3% of quiz takers gave the right answer to the last question concerning Beihang-developed Fengru-3, an oil-powered UAV that set a world record for finishing a non-stop flight lasting 30 hours 6 minutes and 42 seconds.

Qi Faren (Photo provided by Beihang University)

It is worth noting that most quiz takers in the last question chose "Feng Ru" as the answer, instead of the correct answer "Fengru-3", indicating that more efforts may be needed to increase the knowledge of overseas social media users about the scientific and technological achievements made by contemporary Chinese young people.

The year of 2019 marked the 110th anniversary of China’s aviation industry started by Feng Ru, the father of Chinese Aviation. The record-breaking UAV, named after Feng Ru, was considered an anniversary gift for the industry.

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