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Letter to All Beihangers: Joining Forces to Fight Novel Coronavirus
Release time:January 29, 2020 /

Dear students, faculty and staff members,

In view of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Beihang University has made epidemic prevention and control its top priority and urges you to meet the following requirements:

1. Follow the arrangements and instructions from the university. For all students, the coming spring semester will be deferred. Please wait for notification about its start and relevant teaching and research work during this semester. The faculty and staff will go back to work normally according to the university calendar, except under special circumstances.

2. Do not leave your home and return to the university. Do not go back to the university before the spring semester begins. If you have booked tickets to return, please get them refunded in time. This is also true for the faculty and staff with the exception of those on duty during the winter holiday.

3. Report your return and accept medical observation. All faculty and staff who return to Beijing (wherever you went) must stay at home for a two-week medical observation. For those who are now in Hubei Province, please do not go back to Beijing. Those in other parts of China are not hurried into returning. Teachers, students and staff members who are not in Beijing now should follow your local rules of epidemic prevention and control and protect your health.

4. Do not believe and spread rumors or get anxious and panic. Raise your awareness of prevention. Familiarize yourself with scientific prevention and protection knowledge and spread it. Pay attention to the epidemic information released through official channels and authoritative media. Stay rational.

5. Pay attention to prevention against the coronavirus and live a healthy life. Keep yourself and the place where you live clean. Avoid contact with live poultry. Wear masks and wash your hands often. Eat regularly and have enough sleep. Get adequate exercise to improve your constitution and immunity.

6. Avoid going out and gathering. Reduce unnecessary trips and avoid visits to crowded and poorly ventilated places to best lessen the risk of infection. Do not participate in collective activities. Make a reasonable plan of study and research while you are at home to prepare for the new semester.

7. Cooperate with the university and report in time. Report your constitution and position to the person in charge in your department every day. If you have contact with confirmed or suspected cases of the novel coronavirus or other emergencies, report the situation to the university immediately.

8. Go to the hospital and receive treatment in time. If you have a fever, cough or show other symptoms of respiratory infection, do not hesitate to go to the hospital and follow the instructions of the medical staff.

The effective way to prevent and control the spread of infectious disease is to control the source of infection, cut off the transmission routes and protect susceptible people. Therefore, what you can do now is to avoid going out and gathering and protect yourselves and your family well.

The university cares about every one of you. Let’s fight together with confidence and win the war against the coronavirus!

Wish you a Happy New Year and good health!

Beihang University

January 28, 2020

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