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Beihang Holds Chinese New Year Celebration Party
Release time:January 23, 2020 / Xiong Ting

On the morning of January 22, Beihang’s Chinese New Year Celebration Party was held at the No. 6 canteen located in the north part of the campus. Beihang Party Committee Secretary Cao Shumin, President Xu Huibin, Deputy Party Secretary and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary He Xinzhou, Deputy Party Secretary Zhao Gang, and representatives from different schools and departments attended the event in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Filled with laughter and happiness, the party featured many interesting traditional Chinese activities. Teachers and students got together to learn the art of paper-cutting, taste the sweet-and-sour Tanghulu (sugar-coated haws), spin cotton candies and make dumplings.

Cao Shumin sent her new year’s greetings to all and extended her thanks to the Beihangers who had made fruitful achievements in the past year. She pointed out that as a member of Beihang University, we should take on the responsibility of the era and live life to the full.

President Xu delivered his New Year wishes to all Beihangers and alumni around the world. Meanwhile, he warned teachers and students to protect themselves from the coronavirus and take precautions against the disease. He hoped that Beihangers can continue to pursue their “aerospace dreams” in the new year.

After the greetings from the university leaders, the participants enjoyed beautiful songs, Chinese traditional crosstalk and erhu performance. Splendid shows and interesting games filled the day with fantasy and fun.

The past year witnessed great achievements of Beihang University, which were all achieved by the painstaking efforts of Beihangers. In 2020, Beihangers will seize the day and live it to the full, striving to earn greater honor in the new year.

Reported by Sun Tianxu

Edited by Gao Minjiang

Reviewed by Dong Zhuoning

Translated by Xiong Ting

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