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2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting of Beihang University Held
Release time:January 18, 2020 / Feng Yueyue

On the afternoon of January 15, the 2020 Spring Festival Annual Meeting of Beihang University was held at Ruxin Conference Center to celebrate the lunar New Year and to discuss future plans of the university. Over 200 people gathered together at the center, including university leaders, guests of honor, alumni and representatives of teachers and students.

The meeting

The meeting

Among the guests were Du Yubo, President of China Association of Higher Education and the former Vice Minister and Deputy Secretary of CPC Leading Group of the Ministry of Education; Zhang Jun, President of Beijing Institute of Technology; Li Qiang, Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Department of the Ministry of Education; Li Chengwei, Deputy Director of Economic Department of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense; Li Junfeng, Deputy Secretary of the working committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Education Committee; representatives of the retirees, teachers as well as students and so on.

The meeting

Beihang Party Committee Secretary Cao Shumin delivered her Spring Festival speech, in which she extended her sincere gratitude and best wishes to all leaders, faculty, alumni and friends caring for and supporting Beihang University.

Secretary Cao delivered the Spring Festival speech

At the meeting, Secretary Cao reviewed the experience of development and construction of Beihang University in the previous year. Over the past year, Beihang has made outstanding achievements as evidenced by three newly-elected academicians and the highest honor won at the 16th “Challenge Cup” Contest. She expressed wishes to the celebration honoring 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. “2020 marks the completion of a moderately prosperous society in all aspects and is the decisive year of poverty-alleviation. Beihang will take the opportunity to play its role in the building of the Double First-Class University Project and adhere to the mission of cultivating talents and serving the nation,” Secretary Cao said.

Du Yubo, President of China Association of Highest Education and the former Vice Minister and Deputy Secretary of CPC Leading Group of the Ministry of Education, addressed the audience. He recognized the development achievements Beihang made and expressed his expectations of Beihang. Du Yubo expected that the university will continue to cultivate talents with more concrete measures, build a high-quality faculty team with broader horizons and promote the building of the first-class university with higher standards in this new year.

Du Yubo delivered the speech

President Xu Huibin on behalf of the university expressed his gratitude to the leaders, the current and former faculty and staff members, alumni at home and abroad and friends from all walks of life, who have always been supporting the development of Beihang University. He recognized the achievements of Beihang University in the fields of talent cultivation, scientific research, social work, culture inheritance and innovation. He said that the coming year will be a year of challenges as well as opportunities. All Beihangers should identify where they are and where they are going, and strive for one common mission with more determination, confidence and perseverance.

President Xu Huibin delivered a speech

During the meeting, a vast array of performances were staged by Beihang art troupe, faculty representatives, the retirees and Kindergarten of Beihang University, creating a strong festive atmosphere.

Beihang Student Traditional Instruments Orchestra performed on the stage

Children from Beihang Kindergarten performed on the stage

Faculty representatives performed on the stage

Faculty representatives performed on the stage

Representatives of the retirees performed on the stage

The chorus of “My People, My Country” was staged

Reported by Wang Qing

Photographed by Di Bailu and Xiao Zhe

Reviewed by Tan Hualin

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Feng Yueyue

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