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2020 Beihang New Year Gala for Postgraduate Students Held
Release time:January 3, 2020 / Feng Yueyue

On the night of December 29, the 2020 New Year Gala for Postgraduate Students, hosted by the Graduate School and co-organized by the Graduate Student Union, took place at Beihang Sunrise Concert Hall at Xueyuan Road Campus, attracting over 800 teachers and students.

The show kicked off with the vibrant band performance. In the first part, an enthusiastic song “Sun”, a marvelous solo dance “The Eternal Wave ”, an impressive magic show and a duet for violin and cello “He’s a Pirate” were staged and received resounding applause from the audience.

The invigorated atmosphere was intensified as the show entered the second part. Dances “Dalla” and “Kill This Love”, a witty cross-talk and an enchanting song set the stage ablaze.

As the night progressed, the gala reached its culmination in the last part with intoxicating songs and the humorous play “Globalization”. At nine o’clock in the evening, the impressive gala came to a successful end with the joyous dance performance “My People and My Country”, which conveyed the students’ deepest love and passion for the motherland.

Since the preliminary selection of gala acts started, graduate students from various schools have showed great enthusiasm for participation. After careful selection and meticulous rehearsal, the amazing line-up of 12 specific acts made a magnificent evening for the audience, showcasing graduate students’ vitality and talents.

Reported by Wang Tengjiao

Photographed by Zhang Xinyue, Chen Yuchuan and Li Kangjie

Reviewed by Song Xiaodong

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Feng Yueyue

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