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Beihang Students Win Championship in NEADC 2020
Release time:December 7, 2020 / Yin Ruyue

In the recently concluded 2020 North East Asia Debate Championship (NEADC), Beihang English Elite Debating Team sent six debaters in teams of two to participate in the competition. One team won the championship in the English as Foreign Language (EFL) group.

After six rounds of fierce competition, Group BHU 3, which is composed of Wang Linhan from the School of Economics and Management and Liu Yingyiyi from the School of Foreign Languages, and Group BHU 1 composed of Xiang Zhaoxuan from the School of Economics and Management and Yao Haotian from the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, accumulated 10 points each and advanced to the semifinals as the second and third place winners in the EFL group. In the following knockout rounds, Group BHU 1 won the EFL championship with their excellent performance, and Group BHU 3 also stood out as the Semi-Finalist. Yao Haotian was awarded the title of Best Debater in the EFL final.

Sponsored by SolBridge International School of Business in Korea, this year's NEADC was held online from November 21 to 23 due to the epidemic, with 72 teams from the University of Tokyo, Seoul National University, Korea University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beihang University, the University of Hong Kong, the University of Macau, National Chengchi University, National Taiwan University, and other prestigious universities. NEADC is an annual event in Northeast Asia for college students to debate in English.

The Beihang English debate team is founded and instructed by the English Elite Class of the School of Foreign Languages. In the past ten years, the team has been upholding the spirit of " discerning the truth and striving for the best " and has won many awards in both domestic and international competitions. Despite the epidemic in 2020, the team continues its training under the remote guidance of professional debate coaches Daniel Berman and Jonathan Borock. The team attaches great importance to inheritance and mutual assistance, and has formed a good tradition and atmosphere, in which generations of team members pass on their spirit and experience with vigor and vitality.

Reported by Shang Jiaqi

Reviewed by Ma Shuwei

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Yin Ruyue

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