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7th Mini Marathon Held at Beihang
Release time:December 23, 2020 / Yin Ruyue

The 7th Mini Marathon was held in Xueyuan Road Campus and Shahe Campus on December 13 and 16, respectively. The event attracted 167 faculty and staff members and 1,561 students. Vice President Liu Shuchun and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Cheng Bo also attended the event.

At the opening ceremony, Liu Shuchun and Cheng Bo delivered speeches respectively, noting that Beihang has always insisted on sports as an important part of education. In terms of competitive sports, Beihang has won many national and Beijing university championships in volleyball and soccer competitions. In terms of mass sports, the "TD Line" has become a unique scenery at Beihang, and the activities of various sports clubs enable students to enjoy the rich and colorful campus life.

Following that, teachers from the sports department led all the participants to warm up. Under the guidance of volunteers, teachers and students gathered in different starting areas divided in accordance with race categories.

There were three race systems in this year’s mini marathon: single race, team race and relay race, among which the team race was further divided into couple run, family and friends run and roommates run. With the snow melting and the wind blowing, the athletes were still enthusiastic.

Sponsored by Sports Department, Department of Student Affairs, Graduate School, Youth League Committee and Labor Union, and organized by the School of Electronic and Information Engineering and Flying College, the Mini Marathon event has fully demonstrated the spirit of Beihang students who are not afraid of hardships and are determined to overcome difficulties.

Reported by Wang Xueyuan

Photographed by Chen Xuhang, Han Zhenghuan, Zhang Keli and Huang Tianjia

Reviewed by Su Rui

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Yin Ruyue

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