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Beihang Undergraduates Win Ten Gold, Ten silver and Three Bronze in 44th ICPC
Release time:December 20, 2019 / Feng Yueyue

From September to December, the 44th International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Asia-East Contests were held, including seven regional contests in Chinese mainland (Yinchuan, Nanjing, Xuzhou, Nanchang, Shenyang and Shanghai) and Hong Kong, and the final contest in Xi’an. Ten teams from Beihang’s eight schools, with three students each team, participated in six regional contests (except contest in Hong kong) and the final, nabbing ten gold, ten silver and three bronze awards in total.

Beihang’s contestants in Nanjing regional contest

Beihang’s contestants in the Asia-East Continent Final

The ICPC is recognized as the “Olympic Competition” in the field of Internet Technology (IT) as it is the largest-scale and highest-level contest of its kind and attracts most participants. Its mission is to provide a global platform for college students to demonstrate their abilities to analyze and solve problems. The contest is annually held and now is in its 44th year.

Beihang ICPC Programming Contest was organized by leaders from the Office of Academic Affairs and hosted by the School of Software, attracting many undergraduates from various schools. Established in 2005, Beihang ICPC training camp holds the annual Beihang ICPC Programming Contest in March to select excellent team members and promote the contest at the campus. The university round will select around 40 students (three members a team) to receive intensive training in the spring semester and the summer holiday. From September to December, students will register for and compete in regional online and offline contests of the Asia-East Continent Regional Contest, which were roughly held once a week. Teams advancing in the ICPC regional contests and finals will be eligible to compete in the ICPC World Finals with around 140 places at the globe, typically held between April and June. While contestants were competing in regional contests, Beihang ICPC training camp is planning to provide training courses and lectures for reserve players in the fall semester so as to familiarize them with the programming contest and improve their capabilities.

Reported by Song You

Reviewed by Zhang Desheng

Edited by Jia Aiping

Translated by Feng Yueyue

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