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Drama Competition of 7th Beihang Student Art Festival Held
Release time:December 18, 2019 /

To advance Beihang Backbone Project and facilitate exchanges of dramas with Beihang characteristics, the Drama Competition of the 7th Beihang Student Art Festival was held from Oct. 27 to Dec. 8. After nearly two months of careful preparation, approximately 200 teachers and students in ten teams participated in the competition.

The closing ceremony

In recent years, Beihang has been strengthening and improving its aesthetic education, and Beihang Backbone Project is an epitome of the efforts. Based on practice, the project aims to tell good stories reflecting the spirit of scientists and enhance the development of Beihang spirits and culture, giving birth to a number of quality dramas. For example, Eternity, Serve the People and Soar introduce respectively the spirit and contributions of Lin Shi'e, one of the founders of Beihang University, Yang Weimin, a pioneer in the field of reliability and systems engineering in China, and Feng Ru, China's "Father of Aviation", and Beijing 5 focuses on China’s first unmanned aircraft named "Beijing 5", which was designed, developed and tested by Beihang. All the four dramas are original ones, and some of them are completely written, directed and performed by Beihang students.

After multiple and strict selections, six items including One Hundred Years of Shou’e (a drama tells the brilliant life of Academician Tu Shou’e, one of the founders of Beihang University), Never Closed Radio, Chinese Heart, Eternity, Navigate with Our Country and Liang Guang Xiang (How We Can Gain Inspiration from Quantum Physics and General Relativity and Apply them to the Performance and Creation of Chinese Crosstalk) stood out and were put to stage at the closing ceremony, bringing a fantastic drama feast to the audience.

Sponsored by the Youth League Committee, Beihang Student Art Festival is a major art event where the university's achievements regarding aesthetic education are showed. It has become a brand event of aesthetic education at Beihang after being held several times in the past few years, featuring a complete workflow and the accumulation of rich experience.

One Hundred Years of Shou’e

Never Closed Radio


Navigate with Our Country

Chinese Heart

Cross-talk Liang Guang Xiang


Reported by Hu Xuyang

Photographed by Li Jingyi, Chen Xuanhe and Yang Zhengdong

Reviewed by Xiao Hong

Edited by Jia Aiping and Ren Chenjie

Translated by Ren Chenjie and Li Mingzhu

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